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Quick Clamping and Fit-Up Solutions for Pipes and Fittings

At Key Plant, we understand the critical role that precision and efficiency play in pipe welding and fabrication operations, and our pipe clamps are meticulously manufactured to meet these demands. Our pipe alignment clamps are the go-to choice for rapid fit-up of pipes and fittings, ensuring they are ready for welding with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. We take pride in offering an extensive range of clamps, each built to last and made to perform in the most challenging conditions. Time-saving and cost-effective, our clamps are engineered to handle rigorous working loads, providing you with the durability and reliability you need.

For those who demand the highest standards, we provide stainless steel options that not only enhance longevity but also eliminate the risk of pipe contamination.

A Key Plant 3 Point red pipe clamp

3 Point Pipe Clamp

1 – 14″ Pipe Diameter Range

A Key Plant 3 point Gold Pipe clamp

Gold Pipe Clamp

1 – 14″ Pipe Diameter Range

Single chain pipe clamp

Single Chain Pipe Clamp

1 – 72″ Pipe Diameter Range

Cage pipe clamp

Cage Pipe Clamp

2 – 24″ Pipe Diameter Range