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Pioneering excellence
in welding innovation.

Innovative Solutions for a World-Class Customer Base

We don’t follow trends; we set them. We’re not imitators; we’re innovators. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible has earned us a reputation as pioneers in the world of welding automation and positioning equipment. Check out some of our renowned groundbreaking achievements:


Elevating Welding Precision: Key Plant Automation’s Revolutionary Fit-Up and Elevating Welding Rotators

Key Plant Automation was the first company to engineer and manufacture fit-up and elevating welding rotators, revolutionising the welding process of large cylindrical vessels. Our pioneering design and manufacturing expertise set a new standard, ensuring precise alignment and elevation for unparalleled welding accuracy.

Maximising Efficiency and Space: Telescopic Column and Boom with Tandem Welding System

Our groundbreaking telescopic column & boom welding manipulator, equipped with a tandem welding system, has transformed the way welding is done. This innovation isn’t just about welding; it’s about saving space and boosting efficiency. When the telescopic boom retracts, it seamlessly fits inside the main boom arm, eliminating the need for equal space on both sides of the column. Perfect for businesses with limited floor space.

Revolutionising Elliptical Welding: The World’s First Successful Elliptical Welding System

Key Plant Automation achieved a major milestone by developing and delivering the world’s first successful elliptical welding system. Designed to circumferentially weld elliptical tanks with precision, this system combines a heavy-duty column and boom with specialized welding heads, including SAW and MIG/MAG heads. Our advanced PLC and software automatically adjust the welding head during rotation, ensuring efficiency and high-quality welds. But it doesn’t stop there—our versatile system can tackle various trailer body designs, from V-shaped to Circular and beyond.

A Revolution in Welding Efficiency: Narrow Gap Turnkey Welding System for Lincoln Electric Powerwave

We supplied the first narrow gap welding tandem turnkey installation, partnering with Lincoln Electric Powerwave to push the boundaries of welding efficiency and precision.

Engineering Excellence: Europe’s Largest Column and Boom Welding Manipulator

Key Plant Automation leaves an indelible mark in the nuclear industry with the design, manufacture, and installation of Europe’s largest (15x10m) column and boom manipulator. This colossal structure, manufactured using over 125 tonnes of steel, stands as a testament to our engineering prowess. So tall that it necessitated its very own operator travel carriage, and with a column measuring a mighty 2.25m squared, it symbolises our unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries.

A Global Milestone: UL/CSA Accreditation for Factory Automation Equipment

We’re proud to be the first and only company in the world to achieve the UL/CSA accreditation for Factory Automation Equipment. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to delivering products of the highest standards and elevating the industry’s benchmarks.

At Key Plant Automation, we don’t just create solutions; we redefine possibilities.

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