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Your #1 supplier for pipe welding and fabrication equipment

Your premier source for top-quality pipe fabrication equipment. When it comes to pipe welding and fabrication, precision, efficiency and safety are paramount. That’s where our range of robust, reliable, and cost-effective tools and machines come into play.

At Key Plant, we design, manufacture, and supply an extensive range of pipe tools and equipment tailored for welding, cutting, and bevelling. Our inventory includes pipe stands, supports, jacks, rollers, clamping tools, and end prep equipment. Whether you’re looking for a single tool or planning to optimise your pipe shop production through welding automation, we’ve got you covered. Our equipment is manufactured and assembled in-house at our facilities in the UK and USA, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

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Pipe stands and Pipe fabrication equipment

Pipe Stands

We have a pipe stand solution to suit your every pipe fabrication need

A gold pipe clamp

Pipe Clamps

Discover our quick clamping and fit-up solutions for pipes and fittings.

A Pipe cutting and bevelling machine

End Prep Equipment

Explore our pipe cutting and bevelling machines for all types of pipe end prep.

A pipe welder uses a gas purging kit on a pipe flange project

Pipe Purging

Ensure clean welds with our pipe purging equipment.

Pipe elbow jigs

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming and Awkward Pipe Welding

Key Plant Elbow Jigs are your go-to accessory for precise rotation and mounting of curved pipe parts. Integrated with gripper chucks and positioning equipment, these jigs make welding a breeze. Seamlessly fitting into welding positioners, they ensure easy preparation and precision welding of pipe elbows. Say goodbye to the challenges of welding heavy and awkward parts and welcome a time-saving solution. With a range of sizes and loading capacities, Key Plant Elbow Jigs redefine efficiency in pipe welding.

Key Plant elbow jigs for pipe elbow welding

Build your system.

Maximise your pipe welding and fabrication efficiency with Key Plant’s “Build Your System” package. Tailor your production setup by selecting your preferred weld process, manipulator, positioning equipment, pipe support, clamps, and end-prep tools. Take your pick from welding manipulators like our PPC, PWS, and FCS. We offer a variety of positioners and headstocks, such as VP, AHVP positioners, and HSC, HSVP, and PAL (Port-a-Lift) headstocks. With pipe stands, clamps, and end-prep equipment to choose from, you have the flexibility to design a system that perfectly suits your requirements.

Equipment options.

Extensive Range of Pipe Fabrication Equipment and Tools

Our cost-effective, high-quality equipment is designed for robustness, safety, and reliability.

Pipe Stands

With multiple head style options on a wide range of pipe stands and supports, Key Plant has a pipe stand to suit your every need. From thin wall to heavy duty pipe work, small to large diameters we can provide the ideal pipe handling solution.

Pipe Clamps

Our pipe clamps are designed to streamline your workflow, ensuring quick and precise fit-ups. Whether you’re dealing with single or double chain clamps, 3-point clamps, gold clamps for extra strength, or cage clamps, our selection offers versatility and ease of use.

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

Key Plant design and manufacture a series of pipe cutting and bevelling machines. Built to last, made to perform – our equipment offers supreme durability and reliability for producing all types of pipe end preparation.

Pipe Purging Solutions

Ensure clean welds with our range of pipe purging products. Purging removes contaminants from the piping and vessels, which minimises chances of corrosion. It plays a crucial role in pipeline, piping, welding and industrial processes.