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2 and 3 axis tilt turn welding positioners for lifting, tilting and rotating the workpiece.

Key Plant Automation is your trusted source for high-quality welding positioners and positioning equipment. We offer a wide range of welding positioners designed to enhance your welding and fabrication processes. Whether you need to buy or hire a welding positioner, Key Plant has the solution for you. Our 2 and 3 axis tilt-turn welding positioners are perfect for lifting, tilting, and rotating workpieces with ease.

We design, manufacture, and supply an extensive range of welding positioners with capacities ranging from 50kg to a mighty 500 tonnes and beyond.

A Key Plant Automation welding positioner
A Key Plant Automation 8 tonne fixed height welding positioner

VP Series

Explore our flagship series of fixed height tilting welding positioners.

A Key Plant Automation 25 tonne adjustable height welding positioner

AHVP Series

Learn more about our adjustable height welding positioner options.

A Key Plant Automation hydraulic elevating welding positioner

EHVP Series

Discover our brilliant 3 axis hydraulic tilting welding positioners.

A Key Plant Automation benchtop welding positioner

Bench Series

Benchtop positioners for those smaller workpieces and components.

Cradle positioners

Unleash the power of Key Plant Automation’s Cradle Positioners, meticulously designed and engineered to handle oversized, heavy-duty workpieces with finesse. Offering a full 360-degree rotation and tilting capabilities, these positioners cater to your project’s unique needs. But what truly sets them apart is their adaptability – our Cradle Welding Positioners can be equipped with elevation mechanisms based on your specific requirements. Widely favored in nuclear, wind turbine, and pressure vessel manufacturing, our Cradle Positioners are your ultimate allies when it comes to handling larger components. Experience precision, strength, and versatility in your extra large and heavy duty welding projects.

L-Type welding positioners

Experience the excellence of Key Plant Automation’s L-Type Positioner series, a 3-axis welding solution designed for superior vertical movement. Ideal for medium to heavy-duty workpieces, these positioners offer precision in welding consistency and quality, ensuring that each weld is executed with utmost accuracy. Customisable to meet your unique project requirements, our L-Type Positioners are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance your welding processes. Trust in Key Plant Automation to take your welding projects to the next level with our L-Type Positioners.

A Key Plant Automation L-Type welding positioner

Custom-built positioners for your unique needs.

At Key Plant Automation, we also excel in custom-built welding positioners. With our in-depth engineering knowledge and leading-edge technology, we can design, manufacture, and install special purpose positioning equipment for industry-leading companies worldwide. Whether you are in defense, medical equipment manufacturing, pressure vessel, or pipeline fabrication, we provide a complete positioner solution for a wide range of applications.

Series selection.

Extensive Range of Welding Positioners

For over 60 years, we have been at the forefront of welding positioner innovation. Our range includes:

Fixed Height Positioners (VP Series)

The VP series is our flagship product. It offers 360° rotation and 135° forward tilt for precise welding. This positioner is ideal for down-hand or automatic welding.

Adjustable Height (AHVP Series)

These positioners are designed to accommodate wide workpieces and offer table height adjustment. This feature is extremely useful when you need to support a workpiece at various angles.

Hydraulic Elevation (EHVP Series)

Our EHVP range is a 3-axis hydraulic tilting positioner engineered for welding and assembly work. It enables the operator to lift, lower, tilt, and rotate workpieces with ease, reducing the need for manual lifting.

Benchtop Positioners (Bench Series)

These compact positioners are perfect for small workshops and are designed for welding tubes, pipes, and small parts. Our standard manufacturer series includes the VP0.05 and VP0.15.

Cradle Series

Cradle positioners are designed for handling oversized and heavy-duty workpieces. They offer full 360-degree rotation and can be equipped with elevation mechanisms to meet your specific requirements.

L-Type Series

The L-Type positioner series is a 3-axis machine with vertical movement, ideal for improving the welding consistency and quality of medium to heavy-duty workpieces.

Positioner Options and Features

A gripper chuck option

Chuck Type

Pick the gripper chuck best suitable for your workpiece; 2, 3 and 4 jaw options available.

A close up of a control pendant


Positioners are equipped with a 5-function wired pendant. We also offer advanced alternatives.

Motorised height adjustable positioner option

Height Option

As the manufacturer; we offer motorised, manual and fixed-height positioner options.

A selection of Elbow Jigs for pipe elbows

Elbow Jigs

 Ideal for welding elbow joints and alternating direction tasks. Various diameters available.

A DS14 diameter selector kit


Automatically calculates the required RPM of your positioner table, and sets the speed demand in the inverter drive (VFD).

Man-O-Matic controller installation


The innovative Man-O-Matic controller enables a sequence of pre-determined positions to be set.

Gears and motors


For the utmost workpiece precision, we offer precise rotational speed control with a closed-loop encoder system.

Column and boom welding manipulator integration


Optimise productivity by integrating your positioner with other Key Plant equipment, such as column and booms.

Used welding positioners.

Ex-Rental and Pre-Owned Equipment

Working within a budget or looking for a cost-effective option? We offer a comprehensive stock of used and ex-rental equipment available for purchase. With various models and capacities to choose from, you can find a great deal that suits your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the perfect used positioner.