Welding positioners

2 and 3 axis tilt turn welding positioners for lifting, tilting and rotating the workpiece.
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Welding positioners

Key Plant design, manufacture and supply an extensive range of welding positioners and positioning equipment from 50kg to 500ton, and beyond.

A Fixed height Welding positioner VP range by Key Plant

VP Series

Fixed height tilting welding positioners, available buy and rent.

Fixed height positioners

An adjustable height welding positioner manufactured by Key Plant

AHVP Series

Adjustable height welding positioners, available to buy and rent.

Adjustable height positioners

An elevating hydraulic 3 axis welding positioner

EHVP Series

3 axis hydraulic tilting welding positioners, available to buy and rent.

Hydraulic tilting positioners

bench welding positioner for small part workpieces

Bench Series

Bench top welding positioners for small workpieces.

Benchtop positioners

An L-Type 3 axis welding positioner designed and manufactured by Key Plant

L-Type Series

3 axis L-Type welding positioners engineered to your needs.

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A Key Plant 500 ton cradle type welding positioners

Cradle Series

Cradle type welding positioners for large, heavy duty workpieces.

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Custom built equipment that meets the customers needs

Special Purpose

Custom built welding positioners engineered to meet your needs.

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Used welding positioners to buy

Used Positioners

Used / Ex-rental welding positioners available to buy.

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Increase efficiency, safety and better position your workpiece with Key Plant welding positioners.

Pipe fabrication system by Key Plant Automation

Buy and rent welding positioners and benchtop positioners.

The perfect automated solution for lifting, tilting and rotating workpieces of various capacities, shapes and sizes 360 degrees. Key Plant welding positioners are designed to significantly improve the productiveness of your welding and fabrication process. They increase quality and consistency of the weld, both by hand and automation. Their easy to use operation and accessibility with integrated equipment; also significantly enhances operator ergonomics.

Since our inception in 1956, we have designed and manufactured a range of welding positioners with motorised, manual and fixed height options to suit all customers applications. From the manufacturing of jet engines, to the fabrication of small diameter pipes; we can provide a positioner for every project requirement.

Available for sale, and on rental & lease packages; Our machine range consists of VP, Adjustable Height, Hydraulic Elevating, Cradle, L-type and Bench Positioners. Specialised designs can be built to suit large diameter components with clamps and jig tooling.

About Key Plant welding positioners

VP Series

Fixed height

The flagship of our positioning equipment fleet. The Key Plant VP series is a fixed height tilting welding positioner manufactured to provide enhanced safety and durability. The VP allows for 360° rotation of a work piece and 135° forward tilt to better position weldments for down-hand or automatic welding.

AHVP Series

Adjustable height

Engineered to prevent wide workpieces from hitting the positioner legs or floor. The Key Plant AHVP welding positioner series gives the operator the capability to adjust the table height. When fittings or objects are coming off a workpiece, and when the job needs to be supported at the other end so you can access the underside of the job, this feature is extremely useful.

EHVP Series

Hydraulic elevating

Our EHVP range is a 3 axis hydraulic tilting positioner engineered for welding and assembly work. Lift, lower, tilt and rotate – the ergonomic design enables the operator to work in an ergonomic friendly position, significantly reducing the need for manual lifting.


Welding positioners

Our Cradle type positioners are designed and manufactured to handle oversized, heavy duty work pieces. Engineered for full 360 degree rotation and tilting; elevation mechanisms can also be implemented depending on your requirement. Key Plant Cradle positioners are predominantly used for larger components within nuclear, wind turbine and pressure vessel manufacturing.

L Type

Welding positioners

The Key Plant L-Type positioner series is a 3 axis machine with vertical movement. The booms mobility and platform rotation yields great results for improving the welding consistency and quality of medium to heavy duty workpieces.


Welding positioners

Minimise floor space with Key Plant benchtop positioners. Ideal for welding tubes, pipes and small parts in a compact workshop environment on the go. Our standard manufacturer series are the VP0.05 and VP0.15.

Special purpose

Custom built

With in-depth engineering knowledge and leading-edge technology, Key Plant design, manufacture and install special purpose positioning equipment for industry leading companies worldwide. From defence contractors and medical equipment manufacturers, to pressure vessel and pipeline fabricators – Key Plant provides the complete positioner solution for a wide and diverse range of applications.

Used Positioners

Ex-rental / pre-owned

Working within a budget? or just looking for a great deal? We have a comprehensive stock of used and ex-rental equipment available to buy. Various models and capacities available, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Welding positioner options & features

Welding gripper chucks, clamps and jig tooling equipment

Welding chucks and clamps

We manufacture an extensive range of clamps and chucks to be used with our welding positioners. Providing options of 2, 3 and 4 jaw chucks with independent or self-centering jaws.

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Adjustable and fixed height options

Adjustable height and fixed

Whatever your project requirement, we can supply the ideal machine to suit your needs. As the manufacturer; we offer motorised, manual and fixed-height options.

Integrate other Key Plant equipment to optimise your productivity

Integrate and optimise

Create an automated solution and optimise your productivity by integrating your positioner with other Key Plant equipment, like column and boom manipulators.

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Pendants and control systems to integrate with equipment

Pendants and control systems

Our welding positioners come with a 5 function wired UKCA or UL standard pendant. Foot pedals, bespoke controls, touch displays, and PLC systems can be integrated for specials.

engineering mechanics for precision control

Precision control

For workpieces that require the ultimate precision, we can provide rotational speed through a closed loop encoder feedback, for high accuracy speed control.

DS14 digital diameter selector

DS14 diameter selector

Input the welding diameter of your workpiece. The DS14 automatically calculates the required RPM of the positioner table, and sets the speed demand in the inverter drive (VFD).

Other positioning equipment

Check out our headstocks and tailstocks, welding floor turntables and welding rotator / turning roll range.

key Plant headstock and tailstock machines


Headstock and tailstock positioners for various applications.

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Key Plant 30 ton welding rotator

Welding Rotators

Welding rotators for turning pipes and other cylindrical vessels.

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Key Plant Servo floor welding turntable

Floor turntables

Welding floor turntables for various industries.

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