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Streamline your manufacturing process.

Helping manufacturers in the wind energy industry increase their weld production and quality, since 2002. We design, manufacture and deliver hard automation solutions for onshore / offshore wind tower and monopile production. Our offices and facilities are located in the United Kingdom, Denmark and North America.

Automated welding systems for wind tower production and monopile production

Weld automation solutions for the wind energy sector

Everything you need, direct from the manufacturer – From start to finish, we are with you every ‘section’ of the way.

“With our expertise, knowledge and capabilities – we deliver innovative solutions to benefit our customers needs. As a global leader, and the UK’s only major manufacturer of hard automation systems for the wind energy industry, we offer customers around the world the full range of solutions and services available.”

Jesper Hansen, Global Technical Sales Manager (Renewables) of Key Plant Automation.

Factory layout

Increase efficiency and capacity of wind tower and monopile throughput with forward-thinking factory layouts.


Increase deposition rates, productivity and arc-on time with column and boom welding manipulators, and seam welding systems.

Fit-up systems

Attain high quality and consistent welding results with linear precison fit-up and growing line systems.

Rotators / Turning rolls

Conventional, self-aligning and anti-drift rotator solutions engineered for all wind tower / monopile diameter and capacity requirements.

Internal transport

Manoeuvre cans and sections easily, efficiently and safely with innovative transfer and tilting transfer systems.


Dedicated specialists in optimizing your wind tower and monopile production.

Wind Tower production and manufacturing industry

Wind Tower production

Control costs and increase weld and production standards.

Automated growing line systems designed and built to meet your project needs.

Monopile production and manufacturing industry

Monopile production

For the extra heavy, thick wall steel tube foundations of wind towers.

Monopiles are a drop in the ocean.. we deliver automated systems capable of handling vessels weighing over 2000 tonne.

A Key Plant automated can joining system for thin wall cylindrical vessels

Other solutions

Tank, pipe, and other rolled and welded industries.

The ACJS optimises the joining, welding and assembly of tubular thin wall cans, such as storage tanks and rocket fuel cells.

Close up of traversing extra heavy duty tandem welding manipulator for circ seam
Traversing extra heavy duty tandem welding manipulator circumferential seam welding

Traversing extra heavy duty 7m x 6m tandem circumferential seam column & boom welding system.

We designed and manufactured the worlds first telescopic column & boom with a tandem welding system.

The advantage of using a telescopic type column and boom is to save space at the opposite side of the column.When the telescopic boom retracts it fits inside the main boom arm, therefore it is not required to have the same amount of area behind the column as in front of the column.

Close up of the tandem welding head of telescopic column and boom manipulator

This 5.4m x 9.5m telescopic system incorporated 2 power sources, 2 submerged arc welding heads, motorised slides, tracking systems, camera monitors and a flux recovery system. The weight of the welding head at the end of the boom is 620kg at a distance of 10,500mm from the centre of the column. There is minimal welding head vibration or movement with the boom arm fully extended.

Telescopic column and boom with boom retracted
Telescopic column and boom control station for wind tower manufacturing
Column and boom welding manipulator welding outer seams of cans

Column and booms

Automated welding processes for inner, outer, circumferential and longitudinal welding applications.

500 ton Self aligning rotators

Rotators / turning rolls

Maximise safety, minimise handling, boost productivity & enhance consistency & welding quality.

1 + 1 Fit up station for the joining of steel cans

Fit-up / Growing Lines

Reduce time & cost, increase productivity & gives a consistence to the fitting up and joining of cans.

100 ton special purpose machine in Key Plant production hall

Customised solutions

We have full control of production from plate delivery, through to site installation and commissioning. Giving Key Plant the facility, along with our standard equipment, to design and manufacture highly sophisticated hard automation solutions – all in house, under one roof.

Proud to play our part in green energy projects around the world.

Since 2002, our forward-thinking innovative solutions for wind tower and monopile production have helped manufacturers in the wind industry streamline their production goals.

Beyond the finish line.

Service and support

Our network of engineers are at hand to keep your machines and wind tower production running. We provide complete installation, commissioning, servicing and after sales support for machines and systems on customer sites. We can also provide remote software support for fault diagnosis.

Key Plant technical support engineer

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