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Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Pipes, Wind Towers, Monopiles and Other Cylindrical Vessels.

Explore Key Plant Automation’s extensive selection of welding rotators, tank turning rolls, and pipe rollers designed to meet the demands of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, pipes, monopiles, and other cylindrical vessels. Whether you’re looking to buy, hire, or lease, our solutions are tailored to increase productivity, reduce handling time, and enhance the quality of your welding projects.

We take pride in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a comprehensive range of welding rotators and tank turning rolls with capacities ranging from 100kg to a staggering 2000 tonnes and beyond. Our goal is simple: to increase your production efficiency while minimising handling and idle time.

Conventional and Self Aligning Welding Rotators
1200 tonne Conventional welding rotators for wind tower manufacturing

CR Series

Explore our core range of conventional welding rotators and turning rolls.

Self aligning welding rotators

SAR Series

Discover our innovative self-aligning welding rotators and turning rolls.

Anti-drift welding rotator wheel integration

ADR Series

Learn more about our Anti-Drift integration solutions for welding rotators.

Small pipe roller drive and idler set

PR Series

Pipe rollers for lower weight and small diameter pipe work.

Custom-built rotators for your unique needs.

With our in-depth engineering knowledge and leading-edge technology, Key Plant Automation designs, manufactures, and installs special-purpose welding rotators for industry-leading companies worldwide. From defence contractors and medical equipment manufacturers to pressure vessel and pipeline fabricators, we provide complete rotator solutions for a wide range of industries.

Series selection.

Extensive Range of Rotators and Turning Rolls

Key Plant Automation offers a diverse range of robust and reliable equipment available for purchase, hire, or lease. Our catalog includes:

Conventional Rotators (CR Series)

These heavy-duty, built-to-last conventional welding rotators and turning rolls are designed to tolerate the most challenging and hard-wearing workload environments. The powered drive units are controlled by a five-function pendant with a variable speed potentiometer, giving the operator full control of the rotating workpiece.

Self-Aligning Rotators (SAR Series)

Engineered to make automated adjustments to accommodate the rotation of workpieces with various weights and diameters. Our self-aligning welding rotators and turning rolls prioritise operator safety, productivity, weld quality, and worker fatigue reduction. They are the preferred option when working with thin-wall workpieces.

Anti-Drift Systems (ADR Series)

These systems correct and minimise workpiece drift while maintaining a constant centerline height position. Originally developed for the nuclear industry, Key Plant anti-drift systems are designed to suit a range of applications and processes, including narrow gap welding, continuous overlay welding, and long periods of vessel pre-heating.

Pipe Rollers (PR Series)

The ideal solution for handling low-weight and small-diameter workpieces in fabrication workshops. Key Plant designs and manufactures a selection of different small pipe roller models with speed-adjustable controls and foot pedal options. Their lightweight and portable design makes them easy to carry and set up at pipe shops and work sites.

Rotator Options and Features

Conventional welding rotator with polyurethane wheels

Wheel Type

Pick the tyre/wheel best suitable for your vessel application; Polyurethane, steel or rubber.

A close up of a control pendant


Rotators are equipped with a 5-function wired pendant. We also offer advanced alternatives.

Welding rotators with traversing undercarriage for floor rail integration


Choose stationary, manual, or motorised bogies for compatibility with floor rails.

Close up of welding rotator adjustable wheel brackets

Wheel Bracket

Select fixed, bolted, or leadscrew adjustable brackets to adapt to varying component diameters.

Atex logo

Explosive Proof

We manufacture ATEX-certified equipment for hazardous environments.

Steel grooved wheels for vessels with specific point of contact

Grooved Wheels

Designed for vessels with unique points of contact, ensuring secure and precise rotation.

Welding earth brushes for steel wheel option

Welding Earth

The steel wheels of your welding rotator can be fitted with welding earth connections on request.

Used welding rotators.

Ex-Rental and Pre-Owned Equipment

Working within a budget or looking for a great deal? We offer a comprehensive stock of used and ex-rental equipment available for purchase, with various models and capacities to choose from. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.