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EHVP Series.

Tilt and Rotate Pressure Vessels, Pipe Work and other Industrial Components with 3-Axis Hydraulic Welding Positioners

Our EHVP Series stands as the epitome of hydraulic welding positioners, designed to elevate your welding, fabrication and assembly work. With the capacity to lift, lower, tilt, and rotate, these 3 axis hydraulic tilting positioners offer ergonomic advantages, reducing manual lifting and enabling operators to work comfortably and efficiently.

The EHVP range’s hydraulic capabilities are engineered to perfection, ensuring that your welding and assembly tasks are executed with precision and ease. The ergonomic design not only enhances operator comfort but also improves safety and overall productivity.

A Key Plant Automation 1 tonne 3-Axis Hydraulic Welding Positioner
Key Plant Automation EHVP1 - 1 Tonne 3-Axis Hydraulic Welding Positioner


1 Tonne 3-Axis Hydraulic Positioner
900mm table diameter

Key Plant Automation EHVP3 - 3 Tonne 3-Axis Hydraulic Welding Positioner


3 Tonne 3-Axis Hydraulic Positioner
1020mm table diameter

Custom-built solutions for your unique needs.

Key Plant Automation doesn’t stop at standard solutions. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and delivering custom-built hydraulic tilting welding positioners tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a system for handling delicate workpieces or machinery capable of managing massive vessels exceeding 500 tonnes, we’ve got you covered.

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hydraulic positioners.

Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

Elevate your welding efficiency, safety, and precision with Key Plant Automation’s EHVP Series 3 Axis Hydraulic Positioners. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the tailored solutions we offer. Trust Key Plant Automation for welding excellence.