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Key Plant Automation column and boom welding manipulators

Column and Boom Welding Manipulators

Increase deposition rates, productivity and arc-on time.

Key Plant Automation welding rotators

Welding Rotators and Turning Rolls

Optimise the production of cylindrical vessels.

Key Plant Automation welding positioner

Welding Positioners

2 and 3 axis tilt-turn positioners for lifting, tilting and rotating your workpiece.

Key Plant Automation headstock and tailstocks

Headstock and Tailstock Positioners

For lifting, handling and rotating short and long work pieces.

Key Plant Automation welding floor turntables

Welding Floor Turntables

Low profile, large diameter floor turntables for various industries.

Key Plant Automation side beam welder

Side Beam Welders

Unlock precision welding excellence with our side beam systems.

Key Plant Automation fit-up and growing line system

Fit-Up and Growing Line Systems

Linear precision growing line systems for expansive cylindrical vessels.

Key Plant Automation ACJS - Automated Can Joining System

Automated Can Joining System

Revolutionise your thin wall material welding with the ACJS.

Key Plant Automation seam welder

Seam Welders

Longitudinal seam welding machines for various applications.

Key Plant Automation weld overlay cladding systems

Weld Overlay Cladding Systems

High performance vertical and horizontal cladding systems.

Key Plant Automation automatic girth welders

Automatic Girth Welders (AGW)

Optimise your storage tank fabrication by up to 40%

Key Plant Automation gripper welding chuck

Gripper Welding Chucks

Safely secure your workpiece in position with reliable welding chucks.

Key Plant Automation pipe fabrication equipment

Pipe Fabrication Equipment and Tools

Pipe stands, clamps, end prep and more.

SmartWeld cobot welding solution link

Cobot Welder

Achieve more with Human-Robot Synergy.

Key Plant Automation robotic welding cells

Robotic Welding Cells

Self-contained welding cells delivered ready to weld.

Used / ex-rental 25 tonne capacity welding positioner

Used Equipment

Over 1000 ex-rental and pre-owned equipment in stock.

Driving wind energy forward.

Empowering manufacturers in the wind energy sector to enhance both the quantity and quality of their welding output is our forte. Specialising in the creation, production, and delivery of robust automation solutions, we cater specifically to onshore and offshore wind tower, as well as monopile production. Serving as your reliable automated partner, our mission is to elevate your industry presence through innovative ‘monopoly production’ solutions, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and quality.

Project work and
special purpose machines.

Count on us as your reliable ally for state-of-the-art special purpose machines and comprehensive project work solutions. With a worldwide footprint and a dedication to pioneering innovation, we stand by to optimise your manufacturing processes and propel your productivity to unprecedented levels.

Key Plant Automation is your go-to expert in project work, providing turnkey solutions that cover all facets of your project. Whether you need tailor-made systems or specialised machinery, we are the trusted manufacturer that delivers on reliability and precision.