Weld Overlay Cladding Systems

Weld overlay TIG cladding systems for pipes, valves, flanges, plates and other specialist fabrications.
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Weld Overlay Cladding

Key Plant specialise in the manufacture of automated TIG welding systems for a variety of solutions including horizontal pipe cladding and vertical valve cladding systems.

Compact cladding system for overlay weld of various components

CCS Series

Compact cladding system mounted on a portable skid. Up to 1220mm diameter and 3000kg capacity.

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A Key Plant vertical cladding system

VCS Series

Modular designed turnkey vertical cladding systems. Up to 1830mm diameter and 15,000kg weight capacity.

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A Key Plant hybrid vertical cladding system

HVCS Series

Hybrid vertical cladding system for welding applciations both vertical and horizontal, at various angles.

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Pipe cladding systems for the overlay cladding of internal pipes

PCS Series

Self contained pipe cladding systems, capable of welding up to 12.8m long pipes.

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Ensure the safe, long term operation of pipelines, valves and flanges with Key Plant Horizontal and Vertical Weld Overlay Cladding Systems.

Hybrid installation in North America facility

Highly versatile automated TIG weld overlay cladding systems.

Primarily used in the oil and gas industry, weld overlay cladding provides protection against corrosion and wear of pipelines, valves, flanges and other containment vessels. For the welding process, a pulse Tig power source and increased weld deposition is desirable, Key Plant recommend heating the filler wire prior to its introduction into the weld pool and a separate power source offers a HOT WIRE solution as an alternative to the standard cold wire Tig.

All cladding systems are controlled by the KEY 1250 fully integrated touch screen PC controller with HOT WIRE facility.

Key Plant engineers will install and train the operators onsite.

Machines are supplied full loaded with welding equipment and set up ready to weld.

Key Plant has wealth of experience supplying the world leaders in the cladding and offshore industry across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Middle East and to date Key Plant has supplied over 180+ installations.

About Key Plant cladding systems

CCS Series

Compact cladding system

Our CCS is a complete turnkey designed package, mounted on a portable skid-plate, installed and ready to weld within 3-4 hours of delivery at your facility/workshop.

The system is capable of weld overlay cladding using TIG hotwire to clad various components in a variety of industries with sizes upto 1220mm diameter and 3000kg in weight capacity.

VCS Series

Vertical cladding system

Key Plant’s Vertical Cladding System is a modular designed turnkey package, including a heavy duty column and boom welding manipulator, fitted with motorised slides, a KP1100 wire feeder and welding torch. A choice of multiple welding floor turntables or tilting positioners can be selected by the customer with various models and capacities available to optimise your specific application and work piece requirements.

The VCS standard configuration is capable of weld overlay cladding of components upto 1830mm in diamater, and 15,000kg weight capacity.

HVCS Series

Hybrid vertical cladding system

Like the VCS, the hybrid vertical cladding system is a modular designed turnkey package, offering the same turntable and positioner options. However the heavy duty column and boom offers the flexibility for the customer to weld applications both vertical and horizontal, at various angles with its innovative swivel function.

PCS series

Pipe cladding system

The PCS is a self-contained modular designed turnkey package, supplied for overlay cladding of internal pipes. The design is based on extensive experience developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Two standard models are available, 6m and 12m systems – PCS6 and PCS12 capable of welding up to 12.8m long pipes.

Cladding system options & features

Internal welding system for pipelines

Horizontal cladding

For Horizontal Pipe Cladding, the Key Plant system includes a Hollow Bore Headstock with clamping device and Adjustable Height Support Idlers to clamp and support the pipe. Pipe lengths and diameters vary but the Key Plant system can accommodate a pipe range of 150mm upwards normally to a maximum of 600mm diameter welding internally up to 12 meters in length.

A motorised tractor unit is provided to handle the welding spools with up to 4 welding wires for inconel and special metals on 2 welding heads for increased production.

Weld overlay for pipes.

vertical weld overlay cladding system for valves

Vertical cladding

For Vertical Valve Cladding option, the system incorporates a Column & Boom Manipulator with Floor Turntable with (option of a 2nd turntable or welding positioner to maximise productivity).

The manipulator is fitted with Heavy Duty Motorised Slides with 90 and 180 degree rotation options to attach the welding wire feed unit.

The Floor Turntable / Positioner are provided with pre-heat option and anti-backlash gearbox design.

Weld overlay for valves, flanges and plates.

Touch screen integrated PLC controller

Full control

All cladding systems are controlled by a fully integrated touch screen PC controller.

The machine functions are controlled via the PC or hand held remote pendant and can be pre-set or adjusted during the welding cycle.

The system provides display values, alarms and system parameters through the Live Welder Display and Editor Functions to automatically, clad multiple and cross bore options.

Online diagnostics, operation, monitoring and technical support through internet access, enables remote maintenance.

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