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your tank welding.

Cut Welding Time of Storage Tanks by 40%

At Key Plant Automation, we understand the demands of modern industrial settings. The need for speed, precision, and safety are paramount in today’s world, and that’s precisely what our AGW welders deliver.

If you’re in the business of storage tank fabrication or are looking to boost your manufacturing efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. We design, manufacture and deliver single sided, double sided and mini tank options. Our AGW welders, also known as girth welders or tank welders, are designed to transform your welding processes, significantly reducing both time and costs.

Two single sided automatic girth welders also known as agw welders, 3 oclock welders and tank welders.

AGW excellence.

When it comes to automatic girth welders (AGW), Key Plant sets the standard for innovation and excellence. Our AGW welder systems are packed with features designed to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and convenience, making them the top choice for tank fabrication across various industries.

Ergonomics Excellence

Ergonomics is at the core of our AGW welders’ design. We understand the importance of operator comfort and safety. Our machines are ergonomically crafted to reduce operator fatigue and ensure a comfortable working environment.

Efficiency Redefined

Key Plant AGW welders are engineered for efficiency like no other. They have been proven to cut welding time in storage tank fabrication by an impressive 40%. This remarkable time-saving feature translates to faster project completion and substantial cost savings.

Versatility Unleashed

Our AGW tank welder systems are incredibly versatile and adaptable. They are ideal for storage tanks of all sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re in the oil fields, nuclear power plants, or chemical industry, we have the perfect solution for you.

Specialisation for Thin Wall Tanks

Thin wall storage tanks require specialised solutions to reduce the stress on material wall thickness. Key Plant offers specialised automatic girth welders tailored to suit these tanks perfectly. With our expertise, you can ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your thin wall storage tanks.

Comprehensive Packages

At Key Plant, we believe in providing everything you need to get the job done efficiently. That’s why our machines come fully loaded with welding equipment, flux transfer belts, and flux delivery and recovery systems. We take care of the details so you can focus on your work.

Operator Safety Priority

Safety is paramount when operating heavy machinery. We offer the option of enclosed cabins to protect the machine operator while they are working. Our commitment to safety ensures that your workforce can operate our AGW welders with peace of mind.

Storage tank fabrication

Single sided automatic girth welder / agw tank welder / 3 oclock welder

Single Sided AGW

The Single Sided AGW welder streamlines tank welding by efficiently handling one side of the circumference.

Double sided automatic girth welder / agw tank welder / 3 oclock welder

Double Sided AGW

Double Sided AGW welders are versatile powerhouses, effortlessly managing both sides of the tank’s circumference for maximum efficiency.

AGW Tank Welders welding storage tank fabrication project in the oil and gas industry.

Automatic girth welders (AGW) are specialised welding machines designed for the automated welding of the girth or circumferential weld seams on large storage tanks and cylindrical structures. These welders are used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, and more, where the fabrication of large cylindrical tanks is common.

AGW solutions.

Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

Key Plant Automatic Girth Welders, also known as the “3 o’clock welder,” are more than just machines; they are the embodiment of cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and a commitment to excellence. With our AGW welders, you can elevate your tank welding processes to new heights of productivity and reliability.

Experience the future of tank fabrication with Key Plant. Contact us today to learn more about our Automatic Girth Welders and how they can transform your tank storage fabrication projects.

Why invest in a
Key Plant Automatic Girth Welder?

Unlocking Your Path to Production Excellence!

We provide comprehensive solutions, from fully-loaded machines with welding equipment to enclosed cabins for operator safety. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the best-in-class equipment and support.

Cut Welding Time by 40%: Time is money, and in the world of storage tank fabrication, efficiency is everything. Our AGW tank welders are engineered to reduce welding time by up to 40%. Imagine the impact this could have on your production schedules and labor costs. Key Plant Automation empowers you to get the job done faster and better.

Versatile Solutions for Every Need: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a range of AGW tank welder systems, including single-sided, double-sided, and mini tank options. Whether you’re working on oil storage tanks, reactors, chemical mixers, water treatment facilities, or any other application requiring large storage tanks, we have the perfect solution for you.

Precision at Its Best: Precision matters when it comes to welding, and our AGW welders excel in this aspect. The automated process eliminates human error, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds every time. Your tanks will not only be structurally sound but also safe and reliable for long-term use.

Safety First: Safety is a top priority in any welding operation. With AGW welders, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with manual welding. Our automated process creates a controlled environment that minimises the chances of accidents, burns, and exposure to harmful fumes. Protecting your workforce has never been easier.

Cost-Effective Excellence: While investing in an AGW welder may seem significant initially, the long-term benefits are undeniable. Reduced labor costs, coupled with the assurance of high-quality welds, translate into cost savings over time. Say goodbye to expensive repairs and maintenance – our AGW welders ensure the longevity of your tanks.

Unmatched Versatility: AGW welders aren’t limited to one type of welding. They are versatile machines capable of handling both longitudinal and circumferential welding applications. By integrating them with automated welding systems, you can supercharge your production efficiency and slash labor expenses.