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HBHS Series.

Achieve Controlled and Consistent Welds with Hollow Bore Headstocks

Discover the epitome of precision in welding with Key Plant Automation’s HBHS Series Hollow Bore Headstocks. Equipped with a heavy-duty 3-jaw self-centering clamp, these headstocks allow your workpiece to pass through, providing secure, precise clamping for consistent welds, project after project. Achieve unparalleled control and precision in your welding endeavors with the HBHS Series.

Choose from our two core models: the HBHS300 and HBHS600, tailored to various welding needs. Additionally, our team can create specialised designs to accommodate larger or unique components, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

A Key Plant Automation Hollow Bore Headstock with Pipe running through the centre
A Key Plant Automation HBHS300 Hollow Bore Headstock


3 Tonne Hollow Bore Headstock
150-300mm clamping range

A Key Plant Automation HBHS600 Hollow Bore Headstock


5 Tonne Hollow Bore Headstock
100-600mm clamping range

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hollow bore headstocks.

Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

Maximise your welding throughput with Key Plant Automation’s Hollow Bore Fixed Height Headstocks. Whether you choose the HSC300 or HSC600, our commitment to precision and customisation ensures that your welding projects are a success, time and time again..

For projects demanding specialised headstocks that go beyond the standard models, our team is ready to create custom designs that perfectly suit larger or unique components. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that match your individual requirements.