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Headstock and tailstock positioner hire.

Perfect Handling and Positioning Solutions for Short and Long Workpieces

At Key Plant Automation, our headstock and tailstock positioner hire options are as diverse as your welding needs. Our comprehensive range caters to the unique demands of various customer applications, providing a spectrum of choices from motorised and manual to fixed-height models. Ensuring a tailored fit for your project, our headstocks and tailstocks come with capacities ranging from 500kg to 25 tonnes. Whether you’re in the market for a standalone headstock or looking to amplify your capacity and support by adding a tailstock, we have you covered. Our flexible hiring options empower you to customise your equipment precisely to meet your project requirements.

headstock and tailstock for hire

Flexible Hire Solutions

Long-term hiring, short-term hiring, lease hiring, and hire purchase options available.

Comprehensive Stocks

We maintain comprehensive stocks to ensure the availability of the equipment you require when you need it.

Worldwide Delivery

With our global reach, we provide worldwide delivery for our customers.

headstock and tailstock stocks at Key Plant Automation's USA facility

Our hire equipment is meticulously maintained and tested, manufactured to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications. Featuring adjustable functions and dependable performance, our headstocks and tailstocks deliver precise positioning and stability. We offer options to accommodate a variety of sizes and weights, ensuring that, regardless of your project’s scale or complexity, our expertise and hire solutions guarantee seamless and successful welding operations.

Headstock and Tailstock positioners play a pivotal role in providing essential support and stability throughout the assembly, handling, and welding of elongated workpieces. Employing a headstock and tailstock configuration guarantees the proper alignment and balance of your workpieces, effectively minimising the risk of distortion or deformation.

In the realm of smaller weldments, such as pipe elbows commonly encountered in pipeshops, the fixed-height HSC or HSVP headstocks stand out as a popular choice. These options deliver the requisite support and stability crucial for precise welding, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency in your welds.

Whether you’re engaged in manual welding tasks or leveraging automation, our headstocks can markedly enhance the overall quality and consistency of your welds. By diminishing the need for subsequent rework projects, you not only save time and resources but also reduce costs.

Opting for our headstock and tailstock positioner hire not only guarantees access to top-tier equipment but also provides the flexibility of short-term usage without any long-term commitments. Our expert team is prepared to assist you in selecting the ideal positioners for your specific welding, fabrication and assembly projects.