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A Key Plant 3 Point gold pipe clamp

Gold Pipe Clamp

Introducing the Key Plant Gold Pipe Clamp – your ultimate choice for precision in both field and shop fit-up applications. The Gold Clamp series takes strength to the next level with its forged steel construction, offering an increased range of up to 14″ o/d. Engineered for durability, stainless steel roller balls are standard features on the wing bolts, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. To enhance its versatility, the Key Plant GOLD clamp can be adapted for use on stainless steel by adding optional stainless steel feet, preventing contamination.

  • Pipe diameter: 1″ – 14″ (25mm – 356mm)
  • Quick action design
  • Manufactured from forged steel for maximum strength
  • Stainless steel options

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Part No.Pipe SizeClamp Weight
KP-Gold-70125 – 76mm (1-3″)1.4kg (3lbs)
KP-Gold-70251 – 127mm (2 – 5″)3kg (7lbs)7kg (15.5lbs)
KP-Gold-704127 – 254mm (5 – 10″)7kg (15.5lbs)
KP-Gold-705229 – 356mm (9 – 14″)9kg (20lbs)

Please add ‘SS’ to the part number when ordering stainless steel option.