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PR3 - 3 Tonne Pipe Rotator Set available to buy and hre

3 Tonne
Pipe Rotator Set

Key Plant Automation’s PR3 pipe rotators offer a 3-tonne drive and idler set, specially designed for lower weight and small diameter pipe work. Equipped with a convenient 2-pedal forward/reverse foot switch, these rotators maximise safety, minimise manual handling, and ensure consistent welding quality.

Machine Features
  • 3 Tonne Drive/Idler Rotator Set S.W.L Capacity
  • 100mm to 1200mm Vessel Diameter Range
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • 2 Pedal Foot Switch
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Our products are available for both purchase and rental, offering flexibility to meet your specific needs.

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We maintain comprehensive stocks to ensure the availability of the equipment you require when you need it.

Special Builds

If you have unique requirements, we offer special design options tailored to your specific requests.


ModelPR3 Pipe Rotator Set
Weight Capacity Per Set3 tonne (6614lb)
Power Supply110 or 240V
Rotation Speed Range0-5 RPM
Maximum Pipe Diameter1200mm (47.2in)
Minimum Pipe Diameter100mm (3.9in)
Wheel Diameter250mm (9.8in)
Wheel CTC Distance270mm – 630mm (10.6in – 24.8in)
Height to top of the wheel335mm (13.1in)
Drive Unit Length940mm (37in)
Drive Unit Width426mm (16.8in)
Idler Unit Length940mm (37in)
Idler Unit Width294mm (11.6in)
Weight (Drive & Idler)177kg (258lb)

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