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Efficiency redefined.

Achieve more with human-robot synergy

Achieve the perfect balance between human and robot cooperation with SmartWeld. This state-of-the-art cobot welding system is available for purchase or hire, offering you an effortless entry into the realm of automated welding. Whether you’re handling small batch sizes or large-scale projects, this cobot ensures consistent, high-quality welds, all while optimising collaboration.

A photo of a typical SmartWeld cobot welding system package setup

Effortless integration.
Instant productivity.

Ready-to-Weld Complete Package

SmartWeld encompasses all the essential components for automated welding, intricately designed to harmonise effortlessly. This compact ‘Ready to Weld’ cobot package is not just a product; it’s a promise. Delivered fully prepared for operation, SmartWeld guarantees a trouble-free integration into your existing production processes.

Why choose SmartWeld?

Weld Smarter. Faster. Better.

Revolutionise your welding operations with cutting-edge MIG/MAG welding power sources and the precision engineered cobot welder. Say goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks and say hello to a workforce liberated from the grind. Experience unparalleled welding precision and consistently exceptional results, all while keeping your team in high spirits. It’s not just about technology; it’s about transforming the way you work and achieving welding excellence effortlessly.

Swift Programming

Automated welding tailored for batch size one and beyond.

Exceptional Welding Quality

Consistently reproducible welding outcomes for optimal efficiency.

User-Friendly Operation

No prior robot programming expertise needed.

Lucrative ROI Prospects

Achieve high economic efficiency with a rapid amortisation period.

All-Inclusive "Ready to Weld" Package

Effortless installation, ready for welding in just a few hours.

Space-Efficient Cobot Design

Compact design for versatile adaptation to your production setting.

Exact, intuitive and safe.

Precision Meets Intuition for Unrivalled Safety

With a dedicated torque sensor in each axis, our cobot ensures exact and seamless programming and movement. Boost your work efficiency with intuitive operation, allowing individual adjustments via the user-friendly touch control panel featuring specially designed welding macros. Experience the freedom of our Freedrive option, complete with a foot switch, and revel in the intelligent safety concept that guarantees both sensitivity and safety in cobot control. What sets us apart? Effortless restarts post-emergency stops, eliminating the need for extensive unlocking or free movement of the robot. Elevate your workflow with exactness, intuition, and unmatched safety!

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Precise and robust.

Unleash Precision and Power with the Exceptional 6-Axis Cobot

Boasting an impressive 1,300mm range and a robust 10kg payload, this cobot is engineered for unparalleled performance. Equipped with sensitive torque sensors in each axis, it precisely determines the optimal weight for your welding equipment. Experience the finesse of sensitive positioning during point programming and the assurance of a precise power cut-off on contact, thanks to our finger-forced stop feature. Designed with robust mechanics, this cobot is your reliable companion for seamless industrial welding operations, setting the standard for precision and durability.

Technical Data

Speed1 m/s
Repeatability± 0.1mm
Operating temperature5-45ºC
Mounting positionFloor, ceiling, walls
Type of protectionIP54
Movement per axis(Working angle/speed):
Axis 1±360º / 120º/s
Axis 2±360º / 120º/s
Axis 3±360º / 180º/s
Axis 4±360º / 225º/s
Axis 5±360º / 225º/s
Axis 6±360º / 225º/s


Engineer positioning cobot welder arm on workpiece

Precision Perfected

Achieve unparalleled precision with dedicated torque sensors in all axes.

Doosan touch screen control panel

Intuitive Programming

Seamlessly program your cobot with ease using the user-friendly touch control panel, featuring specially designed macros for welding.

Foot switch for freedrive mode activation

Safe and Responsive Control

Experience sensitive and secure cobot control with the added convenience of freedrive mode activated by a foot switch.

Engineer demonstrating finger-stop feature of cobot welding system

Finger-Triggered Precision

Ensure very precise power cut-off when interacting with the cobot through our innovative finger-forced stop feature.

Engineer holding SmartWeld cobot welder robot arm

Effortless Restart

Resume operations swiftly after an emergency stop without the need for any extensive unlocking or releasing of the cobot.

Close up of welding wire

CE Conformity Assurance

Prioritise safety with CE conformity and automatic wire retraction, enhancing overall work safety to the maximum extent.