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When precision is paramount.

Integrate your welding rotators and turning rolls with automated anti-drift systems

Anti-drift rotator systems (ADR series) correct and minimise workpiece drift, whilst maintaining a constant centre line height position. Originally developed for the nuclear industry, Key Plant anti-drift systems are designed to suit a range of applications and processes, such as; narrow gap welding, continuous overlay welding and long periods of vessel pre-heating.

The anti-drift system controls both wheel carriages and continually monitors the vessel position through a sensor on the edge of the workpiece. Our anti-drift system can control the workpiece to +/- 1mm. The sensor detects any movement of the workpiece either towards or away from it, and instructs the rotators to counter the drift, restricting the lateral movement of the weld seam.

500 tonne self aligning rotators with twin anti-drift system

Precision Engineering for Critical Projects

With Key Plant Automation’s Anti-Drift Systems, you can achieve precision like never before. Our systems control the workpiece to an astonishing accuracy of +/- 1mm, giving you the confidence you need for your most critical welding projects.

Automatic Warning System

To further enhance safety and operational efficiency, our Anti-Drift Systems feature an automatic warning system. In the event that the vessel exceeds the maximum allowable drift value, the system triggers an audible alarm, ensuring that potential issues are addressed promptly. Additionally, the rotators come to a delayed halt, preventing any further drift and minimising the risk of errors.

A 200 tonne anti drift rotator welding system
Anti drift adjustable sensor
Anti drift wheel showing the automated tilting mechanism
400 tonne self aligning rotator set with twin anti drift system for narrow gap welding

Innovative anti-drift
rotator systems.

Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

Anti-Drift Rotators are the key to taking your welding projects to unparalleled levels of precision and reliability. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence in your welding automation. Contact us today to explore the transformative capabilities of our Anti-Drift Systems. Let us help you revolutionise your welding processes and achieve unmatched results. Your journey to precision starts here.