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Man-O-Matic integration.

Optimise productivity with programmable automated welding sequences

Experience precision and control like never before with our innovative Man-O-Matic controller/software designed for headstock & tailstocks, and positioning equipment.

Man-O-Matic is the key to unlocking a new level of efficiency in your welding operations. This innovative Key Plant controller allows you to set a sequence of pre-determined positions. The operator simply selects the sequence that best suits the component being welded. By initiating a forward or reverse button, foot switch, or interfacing with equipment like a trigger pull from a semi-automatic wire feeder, the weldment effortlessly moves to the next pre-programmed position.

Man-O-Matic ensures that your welding process is not only precise but also remarkably efficient, giving you complete control at your fingertips. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to welding excellence with Key Plant Automation’s Man-O-Matic Controller.

Man-O-Matic controller integrated on to Port-A-Lift system

ITW Centerpoint

with Man-O-Matic

ITW Centerpoint is an advanced system that provides real-time weld operator feedback to help control all aspects of the welding and fabrication process. ITW Centerpoint drives both quality and productivity by identifying potential problems before a component leaves the weld cell, improving first-time weld quality.

Both semi-automatic and robotic factory network deployments can be supported by ITW Centerpoint. Multiple configurations are available to support individual user preferences, allowing system designs that meet specific needs.

ITW Centerpoint includes numerous features and tools that increase your control over weld processes and provide higher levels of information about your welding operation — resulting in more productivity and profitability.

Miller ITW Centerpoint logo
Port-A-Lift system handling trailer
PLC Display on Port-A-Lift control box
Man-O-Matic controller with ITW Centerpoint display
Port-A-Lift system handling workpiece vessel
Miller ITW Centerpoint / Man-O-Matic monitor display