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Maximise Your Throughput with Side Beam Systems

We are your trusted source for high-quality side beam welding systems. Our Side Beam Welders are designed to meet your project needs, offering versatility, precision, and safety for a wide range of heavy-duty welding applications. Whether you require fixed height or elevating models, our side beam welders are engineered to optimise your welding processes.

Custom Designs and Configurations

We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of designs and configurations to cater to your specific application requirements. Our side beams are crafted from high-strength steel, ensuring they can withstand the stresses and strains of heavy-duty welding applications. Available in various sizes and shapes, our side beams accommodate different workpieces and welding needs.

A Key Plant Automation Side Beam Welding System with Lincoln Electric Powerwave integration

Benefits of Key Plant Side Beam Welders.

Side Beam Welding Systems, also known as carriage side beam welders or welding lathes, are essential tools predominantly used in heavy industries for welding large workpieces such as pressure vessels, tanks, and pipes. These systems consist of a robust side beam and a welding carriage that moves seamlessly along the beam, holding the welding torch and other essential welding equipment.

Enhanced Productivity

Our side beam systems significantly improve welding productivity by providing a stable and precise work surface. Welders can work faster and more efficiently, reducing the time and effort needed to complete a weld.

Improved Welding Quality

Precise positioning and movement capabilities ensure strong and reliable welds, reducing the risk of weld defects and enhancing overall welding quality. The stable work surface enables more accurate and precise welding, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount, and our side beam systems prioritise it. Operators can work from a safe distance and on a stable platform, reducing the risk of exposure to welding fumes and other hazards. Additionally, these systems eliminate the need for manual lifting and handling of heavy workpieces, enhancing overall safety on the job site.

Precision and Efficiency at your Fingertips.

Our welding carriages provide a stable and precise platform for welding. Operators can effortlessly control the welding process, thanks to versatile manual and powered carriages. These carriages can be adjusted to the desired position and height, allowing operators to work comfortably and efficiently.

Side beam
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Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

When it comes to side beam welders and welding systems, Key Plant Automation is your reliable partner. Our customisable designs, precision control, and commitment to safety make our side beam systems the ideal choice for heavy industries.

Experience the Key Plant difference and take your welding processes to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs and discover how our side beam welding systems can benefit your business.