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Revolutionise your
thin wall material welding.

ACJS: Automated Can Joining System

Our Automated Can Joining System (ACJS) is the ultimate solution for optimizing the joining, welding, and assembly of tubular thin wall cans, including storage tanks and rocket fuel cells. Explore how ACJS can transform your production processes and offer you a range of advantages that include reduced time and cost, increased productivity, low BOP (Bottom of Pipe) workpiece height, and seamless integration with Column and Boom Manipulators.

ACJS: Automated Can Joining System logo

The ACJS advantage.

Experience the artistry of precision as our Automated Can Joining Systems bring a symphony of movement to your production floor. With individual motorised adjustments available on each axis – X, Y, Z – even under load, we empower you to seamlessly craft connections with the utmost precision. It’s not just engineering; it’s an art form ingrained in our design philosophy. Our systems, equipped with ball screw operation and hydraulic finesse, are meticulously tailored to master the delicate world of thin wall materials, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in welding and assembly.

Reducing Time & Cost

ACJS doesn’t just save you time; it’s a cost-efficient powerhouse. Streamline your operations and achieve remarkable cost savings.

Boosting Productivity

Experience a productivity boost like never before. ACJS maximises your output, ensuring you get more done with the same resources.

Low BOP Height

Our system’s low BOP work piece height minimises hassle, making it easier to work on your projects with precision.

ACJS Options and Features

An ACJS - Automated Can Joining System with steel and polyurethane wheels

Wheel Surface Options

Choose from a range of wheel surface options, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, steel, polyurethane, and aluminum, tailored to your workpiece material.

ACJS travelling undercarriage options

Undercarriage & Base

Customise your ACJS with traveling base and undercarriage bogies for effortless workpiece transfer.

Motorised Idlers for thin wall can support as vessel grows

Support Idler Options

Opt for motorised or manual leadscrew adjustable support idlers to extend workpiece support, adapting to varying workpiece lengths.

Motorised feed system of Automated Can Joining System

Feed Systems

ACJS features motorised feed systems for seamless workpiece transfer and controlled growth during assembly.

Column and boom welding manipulator integration

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate ACJS with Column and Boom Manipulators for unparalleled control and efficiency in your welding and assembly processes.

Aligning two thin wall cans with precision, ready for welding.

Wheel Alignment

ACJS offers independent wheel alignment, ensuring your workpieces are precisely positioned for welding and assembly tasks.

Automated Can Joining System (ACJS) during the outer seam welding of two thin wall cans
Fit up of two thin wall cans
A view of a Automated Can Joining System (ACJS) during welding trials at Key Plant Automation global headquarters
Inner seam welding of tubular thin wall materials

Customised solutions.

Tailored Excellence for Every Industry

Whether it’s Space Rockets, Storage Tanks, Silos, or beyond, Key Plant Automated Can Joining Systems cater to diverse industries, adapting seamlessly to your unique needs.