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Optimise your space.

Designed for compact production floor spaces

The advantage of using a telescopic type column and boom is to save space at the opposite side of the column. When the telescopic boom retracts it fits inside the main boom arm, therefore it is not required to have the same amount of area behind the column as in front of the column.

Telescopic column and boom welding manipulators are essential tools for improving welding productivity, quality, and safety in various industries. With their telescoping booms, these manipulators provide greater flexibility and accuracy in welding operations, making it easier for welders to work in difficult or hard-to-reach areas. By using a manipulator, welders can work faster and more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to complete a weld, while maintaining a consistent weld quality.

Specifications and datasheets available on request.

A telescopic column and boom welding manipulator with the boom compacted
A Key Plant telescopic column and boom with tandem welding system

Case study.

Fuel Storage Tank Manufacturer (North America)

Our customer, a leading manufacturer of fuel storage tanks, faced the challenge of increasing their welding and fabrication throughput while prioritising operator safety and efficiency. With limited floor space in their facility, they needed a system that could operate within a hook height of 21ft and maintain a 9ft distance from the wall.

Versatility: Our system is designed to handle longitudinal and circumference welds on vessels up to 14ft in diameter and 60ft in length. It’s a versatile solution that caters to various welding needs.

Telescopic Boom: The telescopic feature ensures that even in confined spaces, you can maintain optimal working conditions. This innovation offers both safety and efficiency in your welding process.

Key Specifications
  • Height: 15′ (4572mm)
  • Width: 12′ (3658mm)
  • Rail Length: 70′ (21,336mm)
  • Vessel Diameter Capacity: 14′ (4267mm)
  • Maximum Vessel Length: 60′ (18,288mm)
  • Weld Process: Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Control System: 1010 Analogue Controller & remote pendant
  • Camera/Inspection: Air Cooled Camera & 12″ TFT display
  • Flux: Flux Recovery & Pressure Feed
  • Tracking System: Motorised Cross Slides & Tactile Sensor
  • Configuration: 180-degree swivel head for circumference/longitudinal welding
A Key Plant Automation HBHS Hollowbore Headstock positioner
A telescopic column and boom welding manipulator with SAW welding integration during installation