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Bench Series.

Tilt and rotate small pipe work and other industrial components with benchtop welding positioners

Our Bench Series positioners are designed to make the most of your workspace. Whether you’re working with small pipe work or industrial components, these benchtop positioners are your key to precision in a compact workshop environment. Ideal for welding tubes, pipes, and small parts, they are the perfect choice for those on the go.

The standard manufacturer series includes the VP0.05 and VP0.15, ensuring that you have the right tools at your disposal.

Key Plant Automation Benchtop Welding Positioners
A VP0.05 100kg capacity benchtop welding positioner


100kg Benchtop Positioner
300mm table diameter

A VP0.15 250kg capacity benchtop welding positioner


250kg Benchtop Positioner
350mm table diameter

Need something bigger?

For larger projects, don’t forget to explore our VP Series of welding positioners. The flagship of our positioning equipment fleet, the Key Plant VP Series, offers a fixed height tilting welding positioner designed to enhance safety and durability. With a 360° rotation capability and a 135° forward tilt, it positions weldments perfectly for both down-hand and automatic welding applications.

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benchtop positioners.

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Elevate your welding efficiency, save space, and ensure precise weldments with Key Plant Automation’s Bench Series Benchtop Welding Positioners. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover the solutions we offer. Trust Key Plant Automation for welding excellence in any workspace.