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From sheets to
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Precision Seam Welding Solutions

Cutting-edge Seam Welders designed to excel in welding longitudinal seams of sheets, plates, pipes, tanks, and cylindrical vessels, our Seam Welder machines stand at the forefront of welding innovation.

Our Seam Welders are engineered for various welding applications, including SAW, MIG, TIG, and Plasma. The robust construction and innovative clamping finger design guarantee perfect alignment, enabling the welding of thin-gauge materials in stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, copper, or aluminium. With a variable-speed travelling carriage riding on precision-machined beams, the torch follows the welding seam with unmatched accuracy.

A Key Plant Automation Elevating Seam Welder with Operator Platform
A Key Plant Automation Flatbed Seam Welder

Flat Bed Series

These automated Seam Welder machines are ideal for plate joining applications.

A Key Plant Automation Internal Seam Welding Machine

Internal Series

Achieve smaller weld back beads on the outside of your workpiece with our Internal Seam Welder.

A Key Plant Automation External Seam Welder

External Series

Streamline your workflow with easy-to-load external Seam Welder machines for enhanced productivity.

A Key Plant Automation Elevating Seam Welder

Elevating Series

Elevate your welding capabilities with a widened diameter range, constant working height, and the option of an operator platform for real-time welding supervision.

Full specifications are available on request.

Series selection.

Tailored to Your Welding Needs

At Key Plant Automation, we offer a versatile lineup of Seam Welder series, each designed to cater to your specific welding requirements. Whether you need precision in plate joining, reduced clean-up operations, enhanced productivity, or flexibility in welding diameter and operator viewing, our Seam Welder series has you covered.

Flat Bed Series

Perfect for plate joining, our Flatbed Series Seam Welders can seamlessly incorporate traversing lines and infeed / outfeed steerable rollers to streamline your welding process.

External Series

Our External Series Seam Welders are easy to load and operate, enhancing overall productivity. The gate assembly can be easily removed for hassle-free workpiece feeding and offloading.

Internal Series

Achieve cleaner external surfaces with our Internal Series, which delivers smaller weld back beads on the outside of your workpiece, reducing the need for extensive clean-up operations.

Elevating Series

Elevate your welding capabilities with our Elevating Series, offering an increased diameter range and constant working height regardless of the diameter of your workpiece.

This series accommodates both cylinders and flat plates on the same machine. The clamping bed can be raised and lowered, and an optional operator platform with an anti-fall safety device allows real-time welding supervision and adjustments, ensuring total flexibility and precision in your welding operations.

Seam Welder Options and Features

Seam Welder edge settings

Edge Setting Devices

Our Seam Welders are equipped with edge setting devices that ensure precise alignment. These devices offer both manual and pneumatic loading aids, allowing you to easily align the plate on the machined centerline. What’s more, they are interlocked to prevent the weld carriage from traveling when loading, adding an extra layer of safety and accuracy to your welding process.

A view of the clamping fingers from below

Clamping Fingers

At Key Plant Automation, we understand that different materials require different treatment. That’s why our Seam Welders can be equipped with specialised clamping fingers tailored to suit various material types. Whether you’re working with copper, chrome-plated copper, or other materials, we have the right clamping fingers to ensure a secure grip and precise welding.

Seam Welder gate assembly

Gate Assembly

The gate assembly in our Seam Welders is designed with integrated limit switches, enhancing operational safety and control. These switches help monitor and regulate the movement of the gate assembly, ensuring smooth and reliable performance during your welding operations.

Close up of welding torch and lift system

Pneumatic Torch Lift

Our Seam Welders feature a pneumatic torch lift with a 6″ elevation capability. This lift provides essential clearance for torch consumables and facilitates loading and unloading of workpieces. It’s a practical addition that enhances the overall efficiency of your welding process.

Seam Welder mandrel

Innovative Mandrels

Elevating mandrels with gas purging capabilities are a testament to our commitment to innovation. These mandrels accommodate a wider range of material thicknesses, providing flexibility in your welding projects. With gas purging, you can achieve cleaner and more precise welds, even on challenging materials.

Clamping fingers

Precision & Consistency

Consistency is key in welding, and our Seam Welders deliver it effortlessly. Experience consistent clamping force across 4″ clamping fingers, ensuring that every weld is as precise and reliable as the last. Say goodbye to variations and hello to consistently excellent results.

Foot pedals

Foot Controls

Seam Welding requires control at your fingertips, which is why all our Seam Welders come equipped with foot pedals. These foot controls allow for independent front and rear clamping control, putting you in charge of the welding process with ease and precision.

Seam Welder clamping bed

Clamping Bed

The clamping bed in our Seam Welders is designed with edge setters, adding an extra layer of accuracy to your welding projects. This feature ensures that your workpieces are securely held in place, minimising the risk of misalignment during welding.

Copper plate backing bar

Copper Backing Bar

Customisation is key to meeting specific welding requirements. Our Seam Welders offer a range of copper backing bar options, including chrome-plated, water-cooled, and gas-purged bars. Additionally, we can machine profiled backing bars to suit your unique needs, ensuring that your welding setup is perfectly tailored to your projects.

Seamless control

Digital and Analog Seam Welder Controllers

Experience seamless control and performance with our range of Seam Welder Controllers, combining the precision of digital interfaces with the reliability of analog technology.

Digital 15'TFT-XGA HMI Controller

15″ TFT-XGA-HMI Controller

Our advanced 15-inch TFT-XGA-HMI Controller sets the gold standard in seam welding control. Featuring a responsive touch screen interface, it puts the power of precise control at your fingertips. With intuitive screen menus, operators can effortlessly preset welding parameters and save multiple welding programs for a wide range of components. Seamlessly adjust weld parameters and welding head travel speed with ease. Our one-button automatic weld-start function simplifies operations, starting head travel and welding equipment simultaneously or with programmed delays. For real-time adjustments, the “on the fly” controls empower operators to fine-tune parameters during welding, with built-in limits to maintain acceptable ranges.

Safety is paramount, and our system includes interlock feedback to prevent welding if components aren’t correctly clamped into position. Plus, we’ve integrated an Emergency Stop system, enhancing user safety to the highest level. 

Analog ALG-SW24 Controller

ALG-SW24 Controller

This versatile control system consolidates machine functionality into a user-friendly interface. Seamlessly adjust and manage the Seam Welder travel carriage, weld start/stop functions, and more—all from one centralised hub. The added convenience of a digital display puts critical information at your fingertips, enhancing precision and control.

The KP-ALG-SW24 Controller is meticulously designed and crafted by Key Plant, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with any of our diverse Seam Welder models, making it a versatile choice for various welding applications.

The KP-ALG-SW24 Controller offers a comprehensive range of functions designed to enhance your welding experience. You can fine-tune the travel speed, ensuring it precisely matches your welding requirements. Seamlessly control the welding process with easy-to-use on/off functionality, making it effortless to manage. Swiftly change the direction of the Seam Welder carriage as needed, whether moving forward, stopping, or reversing—flexibility at your fingertips. Speed up non-welding movements for efficient operations with the Rapid Speed function. Safety is paramount, and the dedicated Emergency Stop feature ensures immediate halts when necessary. Additionally, our Speed Potentiometer function allows you to adjust welding speed on-the-fly, providing you with even greater control and precision over your welding process.

Seam welder excellence.

Partnering with Key Plant Automation

With over 65 years of expertise in welding automation, Key Plant Automation is a global leader in welding solutions. We offer specialised designs to suit large diameter and long-length components, catering to industries worldwide. Our Seam Welders are perfect for boiler and gas cylinder manufacturing, serving a diverse range of applications.

Explore the world of precision welding with Key Plant Automation’s Seam Welders. Whether you’re joining plates, welding internal seams, or elevating your welding capabilities, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to discover the future of welding precision and consistency.