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MP Series.

Innovative Solutions for the Pipe Welding Industry

Unlock the ultimate welding efficiency with Key Plant’s innovative Mobile Pipe Welding Manipulators. These cutting-edge solutions offer a multitude of advantages. Enjoy the benefits of quick setup and user-friendly operation, reducing welding time and labor costs while optimising your workflow. Our manipulators are designed to ensure exceptional weld aesthetics, meeting and even exceeding the industry’s highest standards. What’s more, they prioritise operator comfort by reducing fatigue, leading to enhanced safety and productivity for your team.

Incorporating versatility as a core feature, our manipulators, including the PWS, PPC, and FCS, simplify torch positioning, accommodating various part shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the 360° rotation capability provides unmatched precision for welding, allowing for optimal positioning in any welding scenario. These manipulators are adaptable to a range of welding processes, such as GMAW, GTAW, and SAW, making them a versatile addition to your welding toolkit.

A PPC mobile pipe welding manipulator integrated with a positioner for pipe work.
A PWS - Port A Weld System. A Compact mobile pipe welding manipulator


Discover our Port-A-Weld System, a mobile pipe column and boom welding manipulator.

A PPC - Process Pipe Cell. A Compact and mobile pipe welding manipulator


Learn more about our compact and mobile Process Pipe Cell welding manipulator system.

A FCS - Flange Cladding System. A Compact mobile welding manipulator for overlay cladding


Make your first step into weld automation with the Key Plant Flange Cladding System.

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Embark on a journey towards welding excellence with Key Plant’s compact manipulators. These advanced solutions promise not only operational efficiency but also the ability to explore the future of automated welding. Contact us today to elevate your welding capabilities and discover how these compact welding manipulators can revolutionise your pipe welding processes.