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Unlocking welding
and fabrication excellence
across diverse sectors.

Why Choose Key Plant Automation?

At Key Plant Automation, we take pride in empowering companies across a multitude of industries to optimise their welding and fabrication processes. With our extensive range of offerings, including welding automation, handling & positioning equipment, robotic welding systems, and turnkey installations, we are your go-to partner for innovative automation solutions.

When it comes to finding the perfect automated partner for your welding and fabrication needs, look no further. Our dedicated teams bring a wealth of combined experience and a track record of countless success stories with global leading customers. Our ultimate goal and unwavering passion revolve around helping you select and engineer the ideal solution to enhance your welding and fabrication throughput, enabling your business to excel at the highest level.

Pipework and Pipeline Manufacturers

Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

General Fabrication and Structural Steel Suppliers

Power Generation: Incuding Nuclear, Water and Coal Energy

Renewable Energy: Onshore and Offshore Wind Production

Offshore, Oil and Cladding Installations

Defence Industries: Land, Sea and Air


Transportation: Including Earth Movers and Agricultural Machinery

Gas and Mining



Specialised Medical Equipment


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