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Pipe end prep equipment.

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines for Precision Fabrication

At Key Plant Automation, we redefine pipe end preparation with our state-of-the-art Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines. Dive into a world where innovation meets durability, and precision is paramount. Discover the perfect solution for your pipe end prep needs with our range of cutting-edge equipment. Unlock the potential of supreme durability and reliability with Key Plant’s meticulously designed and manufactured pipe cutting and bevelling machines. Our equipment is not just built to last; it’s made to perform, ensuring top-notch results for all your pipe end preparation requirements.

A demonstration of pipe fabrication utilising a Key Plant Automation pipe cutting and bevelling machine
A Key Plant Split Frame / Clamshell

Split Frames

Cutting and Bevelling
50 – 3000mm Pipe Diameter Range
Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drive Options

A Key Plant KPI Pipe Bevelling Machine

KPI Series

15 – 356mm Pipe Diameter Range
Electric, Pneumatic and Battery Drive Options

A Key Plant KPO Series

KPO Series

Cutting and Bevelling
14 – 115mm Pipe Diameter Range
Electric Drive Only

End prep brochure.

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Download our exclusive End Prep Brochure now to explore the full spectrum of our cutting-edge pipe cutting and bevelling machines. Optimise your pipe welding and fabrication projects with our range designed for supreme durability, reliability, and precision.

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End prep options.

Extensive Range of Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines

Our cost-effective, high-quality equipment is designed for robustness, safety, and reliability.

Split Frames

Experience efficiency and adaptability with our Split Frame Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machines. Featuring a versatile split frame design, these tools easily mount around pipes of varying diameters. With precise control and adjustable options, they ensure accurate cutting and bevelling operations. Crucial for oil and gas, power generation, and pipeline construction industries, where precision in pipe preparation is vital for successful welding and fabrication.

KPI Series

Enhance your pipe welding and fabrication with KPI Self Centering Bevel Machines. Featuring a self-centering mechanism for precise alignment with the pipe’s outer diameter, these machines deliver consistent, high-quality bevels. Suitable for various pipe materials, including steel and alloys, they’re essential in shipbuilding, petrochemical, and construction for achieving optimal welding and fabrication outcomes.

KPO Series

Meet the epitome of compact precision with the KPO Pipe Cutter & Beveller Machine. Exemplifying exceptional performance, the KPO series reigns as one of the fastest portable cutting and bevelling machine in the market. Engineered for high-capacity throughput, it becomes the top choice for industries that prioritise efficiency without sacrificing precision. Elevate your operations with the compact powerhouse of the KPO series.