Gripper welding chucks

Robust and reliable gripper welding chucks and clamps for safely securing your work piece in position.
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Welding Chucks and clamps

Key Plant manufacture an extensive range of clamps and gripper welding chucks. We offer various models to complement our range of positioning equipment.

Machine 3 jaw welding gripper chuck

MC3 Series

Machine 3 jaw welding gripper chucks.

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3 jaw self centering welding gripper chuck

WPSC Series

3 jaw self centering welding gripper chucks.

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2 jaw gripper welding chuck

HP2 Series

2 jaw welding gripper chucks.

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X3 by key Plant Automation

X3 Series

3 jaw welding gripper chucks.

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Hollow bore self centering welding gripper chucks for heavy duty work pieces

HBC Series

Hollow bore self centering welding gripper chucks.

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Custom built tooling and equipment engineered to your project requirements

Special purpose

Custom built tools and equipment engineered to meet your specific needs.

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Produce quality welds with safe, robust and reliable Key Plant gripper welding chucks.

A Key Plant product holds a large pipe in position during its weld

Gripper welding chucks you can trust.

Two, three and four jaw chucks are available with independent or self-centering jaws.

Key Plant welding chucks are specially designed clamps that are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the welding industry. They are primarily used to hold custom metal work pieces that are attached to positioning equipment, during fabrication. We offer a range of chuck welding clamps that are indepedent or self-centering and equipped with two, three and four jaws, with lock ball pins. A range of our models are designed so they can be uitlised for both internal and external clamping.

Specialised design can be produced to suit customer’s components with internal and external tooling.

Tell us your needs and capabilities, our dedicated experts are here to help.


Integrate with positioning equipment

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