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HSC Series.

Your Key to Precision Pipe Welding and Fabrication

Within our HSC Series, we offer the go-to choice for those who prioritise precision, efficiency, and flexibility in their welding operations. Our fixed height headstocks come equipped with 3-jaw self-centering chucks, guaranteeing secure internal and external clamping, resulting in precise and consistent welding outcomes. Tailored for pipe shops, these machines seamlessly integrate with our Adjust-O-Stands pipe supports and pipe handling idlers, streamlining your workflow.

You’ll enjoy workspace customisation options, including gas purging facility, stationary setups or floor rail bogies, with the added convenience of a foot pedal choice. Explore our range of models, such as the HSC400 and HSC500, designed to handle a variety of welding tasks with ease.

A Key Plant Automation HSC500 Fixed Height Headstock with a pipe fixed ready for welding
A Key Plant Automation HSC400 Fixed Height Headstock


500kg Fixed Height Headstock
400mm maximum clamping diameter

A Key Plant Automation HSC500 Fixed Height Headstock


3000kg Fixed Height Headstock
500mm maximum clamping diameter

Buy and hire
fixed height headstocks.

Direct from the Manufacturer – Key Plant Automation

Unlock precision in your welding operations with Key Plant Automation’s HSC Fixed Height Headstocks, and experience the perfect balance of precision, efficiency, and flexibility. Whether you’re looking to buy or hire, we’re here to help you achieve impeccable results.

For larger or uniquely-shaped components, our specialised headstocks are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.