Growing Line systems and fit up beds

Linear precision growing line systems for use in the production of wind towers, monopiles, pipes and more.



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Linear Precision growing lines

Since 2002, we have designed, manufactured and supplied Fit Up and Growing Line Systems that optimise the production of onshore and offshore monopiles, towers, pipes, tanks and more.

Key Plant growing line system fit up beds for aligning two vessels

Fit up beds

Aligns two vessels during fit up process prior to welding.

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Key Plant growing line system for large diameter, cylindrical vessels

Growing lines

Optimise production of large diameter, cylindrical vessels.

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Key plant transfer stations for growing line system

Transfer station

Transfers the vessel/workpiece to next production phase.

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Key Plant automated can joining system for thin wall tubular cans

ACJS Systems

Automated can joining systems for thin wall material.

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Fit up and growing line system demo

Watch how the system works as part of the manufacturing process for wind tower monopiles.

The video demonstrates a 300 ton growing line with 40-60 ton fit up system.

  • Proven to optimise production by over 60%.
  • High quality and consistent welding results decreases rework projects.
  • Increases safety – the vessel/workpieces are in full control from start to finish of the fabrication process.
A Key Plant growing line system with a monopile workpiece positioned on it

Innovative growing line systems and automated can joining systems.

Key Plant growing line and automated can joining systems enable individual motorised adjustment of each axis under load, the work piece sections can be manipulated left, right, up, down (X, Y, Z axis) to join the cans together.

We manufacture linear precision systems with ball screw operation for smooth precision control and hydraulic options for thin wall material.

Key Plant growing line and ACJS systems reduce time & cost, increase customer productivity and gives a consistence to the fitting up and joining of cans.

wind tower manufacturer supply chain
Fit up and elevating rotators used for wind tower manufacturer
fit up and growing line system

Wind tower manufacturers

Primarily used in wind tower production, Key Plant Fit Up and Growing Line Systems are an innovative, cost-effective solution for increasing your welding and fabrication throughput for large diameter, cylindrical vessels.

Their innovative linear precision function ensures smooth, accurate, fast-aligning, levelling, and fitting up of the cans. They adapt to accommodate varying sizes of the vessel, minimising handling and maximising operator safety.

wind tower manufacturing automated growing line systems

Automated can joining systems

The ACJS optimises the joining, welding and assembly of tubular thin wall cans, such as storage tanks and rocket fuel cells.

Automated Can Joining system for thin wall material
Automated Can Joining System

ACJS advantages

Reduces time & cost, Increases productivity, Low BOP work piece height, Integrate with Column and Boom Manipulator, Independent wheel alignment.

Various options and customisations available.

Automated can joining system
Automated can joining system for rocket fuel cells
Automated Can joining system for storage tank fabrication

GL / ACJS options & features

ACJS automated can joining system wheel options

Wheel surface options

Wheels can also be supplied with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel dependent on the workpiece material.

We offer steel, polyurethane and aluminium options.

Undercarriage bases for rail runner

Undercarriage and base options

Travelling Base / Undercarriage bogies can be supplied to transfer the workpiece(s)

Pusher systems with motorised leadscrew support idlers for growing the workpiece

Support idler options

Motorised or Manual Leadscrew adjustable support idlers to extend the workpiece support, dependent on overall length.

Pusher system for growing the can during build up assembly

Feed systems

Motorised feed systems for transferring the work piece and growing the can during build up assembly.

Key Plant Automation ACJS control system

Easy control

Control your Automated Can Joining System ACJS with ease.

ACJS system project team

Your #1 automated partner

We work closely with you to assess and understand the needs and expectations of your project.

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Interested in a Growing Line / Automated Can Joining System?

With over 60 years experience in weld automation and material handling engineering, we have successfully developed and supplied automated growing line and joining solutions for customers all over the world.

Discuss your needs and challenges with our team of dedicated experts.

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