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Single chain pipe clamp

Single Chain Pipe Clamp

Elevate your pipe fitting precision with the Key Plant Single Chain Pipe Clamp – designed for fitters who take pride in getting it right the first time. Crafted for lasting durability, this tool ensures trouble-free alignment for years to come. Setting up by one person is a breeze with its easy and fast setup resembling a pipe vise, offering solid chain engagement. The Single Chain Clamp simplifies pipe fit-up, whether it’s pipe to pipe, pipe to bend, pipe to tee, or pipe to flange. With the versatility to handle various pipe dimensions and easy removal of clamp bars, this lightweight and efficient tool is your go-to solution in both workshop and on-site applications. Choose red for steel or green for stainless steel, and experience precision with Key Plant’s Single Chain Pipe Clamp.

  • Pipe diameter: 1″ – 72″ (25mm – 1829mm)
  • Length of chain required for the pipe range
  • Double clamp screw and clamp bars listed for the pipe range
  • Main block
  • Fine adjustment
  • Level and support device
  • Clamp screw wrench
  • Metal storage box
  • Delivered fully assembled and ready to use!

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Part No.Pipe SizeClamp BarsClamp WeightReforms Pipe to ScheduleAlign Pipe to Schedule
KP-SCC-80125 – 305mm (1 – 12″)312kg (27lbs)4080
KP-SCC-802102 – 508mm (4 – 20″)733kg (72lbs)4080
KP-SCC-803254 – 914mm (10 – 36″)865kg (144lbs)4080
KP-SCC-804254 – 1372mm (10 – 54″)1382kg (180lbs)4080
KP-SCC-805254 – 1829mm (10 – 72″)1690kg (199lbs)4080

Please add ‘SS’ to the part number when ordering stainless steel option.

Larger sizes available on request.

Double Chain Pipe Clamps available on request.