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From raw materials
to remarkable machinery.

All In-house, Under One Roof

We proudly stand as the sole major UK manufacturer of weld automation and positioning equipment. But that’s just the beginning of our story.

Our journey begins with plate delivery and extends seamlessly to site installation and commissioning. This end-to-end control over our production process sets us apart.

What’s the result? The remarkable ability to design and manufacture highly sophisticated heavy engineering machinery – all under one roof. At Key Plant, innovation thrives, and quality reigns supreme.


Polyurethane Production

At Key Plant, we don’t just manufacture machinery; we innovate materials. Our in-house polyurethane manufacturing facilities stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing our internal production capabilities.

Moulding Mastery Meets Chemical Expertise

Our journey into the world of polyurethane [PU] is a fusion of moulding experience, profound knowledge of polyurethane chemistry, and in-house engineering prowess. These elements come together to enrich Key Plant’s internal production portfolio, paving the way for new possibilities and unmatched quality.

A Legacy of Expertise

In 2016, Key Plant acquired in partnership two established Polyurethane UK manufacturing companies, each with its own legacy dating back to 1982 and 1991. This partnership opened doors to an extensive array of opportunities.

Hot Cast Polyurethane Parts at Scale

Within our facility, we craft hot cast polyurethane parts at scale. These parts find utility in an incredibly diverse range of industries, from forklift trucks to automotive, oil & gas, agriculture, mining & quarrying, theme parks, and beyond. Key Plant’s polyurethane solutions have become essential in areas where high load-bearing capacity and wear resistance are paramount.

Strength, Longevity and Chemical Resistance

Our polyurethane products are synonymous with strength, longevity, and chemical resistance. We understand the critical role these qualities play in enhancing your operations and ensuring your equipment’s performance stands the test of time.

Leading in Tyre Development

Key Plant has been at the forefront of PU tyre development since 2008. Our dedication to innovation is evident in our pioneering work on heavy roller bed/turning rolls PU tyre solutions. We designed the first 500,000kg PU wheels and roller beds and have continued to expand our presence in the field, with machines successfully operating at over 2,000 tonnes.

The Future of Possibilities

Polyurethane [PU] production is not just a process for us; it’s a canvas where innovation meets craftsmanship. When you choose Key Plant, you’re not just investing in machinery; you’re investing in materials engineered to redefine performance, durability, and reliability.

Finite Element Analysis

At Key Plant, we don’t just produce equipment; we engineer excellence. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, robust, reliable, and safe machinery begins long before a single component is assembled. We leverage the power of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure that our equipment not only works as designed but exceeds your expectations in every aspect.

Built to Last – Made to Perform

When you invest in Key Plant equipment, you’re investing in quality that endures. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail extend to every facet of our manufacturing process. FEA helps us:

Ensure Durability: We predict and eliminate weak points, ensuring that our equipment stands up to the most demanding conditions.

Enhance Safety: Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s our paramount concern. FEA helps us anticipate potential issues and make necessary design adjustments to guarantee the safety of operators and the longevity of our equipment.

Maintain Performance: Our machines aren’t just built to last; they’re engineered to excel. FEA allows us to optimise designs for superior performance, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Why Finite Element Analysis Matters

Predicting Real-World Complexities: Our team of experienced engineers and design experts utilises FEA to navigate the intricate landscape of structural engineering. By simulating loading scenarios, material thickness, and construction design, we dissect and understand real-world complexities.

Optimising Heavy Components: For our range of heavy-duty welding rotators and turning rolls, FEA becomes an invaluable tool. It empowers us to fine-tune these robust machines for maximum performance, longevity, and safety.

At Key Plant, the fusion of innovation, quality, and safety isn’t just a promise—it’s our legacy. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating equipment that sets new industry standards. Explore our range of heavy-duty welding rotators, turning rolls, and more, and experience the Key Plant difference. Your success is our mission, and FEA is just one of the tools we use to make it happen.

Design and Manufacturing

Key Plant stands as a global leader in design innovation and manufacturing prowess. Our unwavering commitment to manufacturing expertise and innovation drives our reputation as a proven supplier. Here’s how we do it:

In-House Manufacturing for Flexibility

We believe that keeping design and manufacturing in-house is key to unlocking flexibility in meeting our customer’s diverse needs. When our design team envisions improvements or changes, our manufacturing department can seamlessly implement them. This streamlined approach ensures that innovation and adaptability are always at our fingertips.

A Global Leader with a Proven Reputation

Over the years, Key Plant has earned its stripes as a renowned global leader. Our comprehensive range of in-house capabilities combined with total control over production empowers us to consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and demands.

Welding Automation and Positioning Equipment Expertise

At the heart of our operation lies our exceptional expertise in welding automation and position equipment. We pride ourselves in world-class engineering that powers our machinery. Our commitment to pacy and flexible manufacturing sets us apart:

Pacy and Flexible Manufacturing

Our nimble approach to manufacturing enables us to swiftly navigate through design, engineering, product development, and production phases. This agility means that we can respond to market changes almost instantaneously. When speed and adaptability matter, Key Plant is the partner of choice.

With Key Plant, you’re not just getting cutting-edge equipment; you’re gaining access to a manufacturing powerhouse that delivers excellence from concept to creation. Explore our range of welding automation equipment, and experience the innovation, quality, and flexibility that define us.

Machining Department

At Key Plant, the pursuit of excellence doesn’t stop at design and manufacturing. We take immense pride in our in-house machining department, where precision meets innovation.

Manual and CNC Machines

Our machining prowess encompasses a wide spectrum, from the meticulous craftsmanship of manual machines to the advanced capabilities of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. This dynamic range allows us to craft components with exacting precision, ensuring that every piece aligns perfectly with our uncompromising standards.

Milling and Boring Machines

Milling and boring are at the heart of our machining department. With state-of-the-art equipment, we sculpt intricate components and create precise bores that form the backbone of our machinery. It’s here that raw materials are transformed into works of engineering art.

Turning Machines (Lathes and Boring Mills)

Turning machines, including lathes and boring mills, are where we add the finishing touches to components, achieving perfect symmetry and smooth finishes. These machines play a crucial role in shaping the components that drive our equipment’s performance.

Shapers and Planers

In our machining department, shapers and planers bring a touch of artistry to our components. These machines sculpt and plane with finesse, allowing us to create unique shapes and profiles that defy complexity.

Drilling Machines

Precision is paramount, and our drilling machines ensure that holes are drilled with absolute accuracy. Whether it’s for mounting components or intricate assemblies, our drilling processes guarantee that every hole aligns flawlessly.

Crafting Excellence, One Component at a Time

Our in-house machining department is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. It’s a place where raw materials are transformed into the precision components that define Key Plant equipment. With every cut, turn, and bore, we create pieces that reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Plasma Cutting

Key Plant Automation proudly offers high-precision, fast cutting plasma systems empowered by Hypertherm technology. Our commitment to delivering the best in plasma cutting services enhances our fabrication department’s capabilities and elevates your projects to new heights.

Unleashing Hypertherm Technology

At Key Plant Automation, we harness the power of Hypertherm technology to provide top-notch plasma profile cutting services. Here’s how it works:

Digital Precision: DXF drawings from our design and drawing department are seamlessly uploaded, ensuring precise replication of your designs.

Steel Masterpieces: Using Hypertherm technology, we transform steel stock plates into tailored designs that meet your exact specifications.

Blasted to Perfection: After cutting, our shot-blasted profiles are prepared for the next phase; fabrication or welding prior to machining.

Precision Without Limits

Our high-precision cutting capabilities know no bounds. Teamed with CNCs and dedicated software packages, our plasma systems empower our fabrication teams to cut any shape and size with effortless ease. All it takes is a few touches on a control screen to bring our visions to life.

Fabrication and Welding

At Key Plant, we take immense pride in our fabrication and welding capabilities. Our unwavering commitment to top-quality fabrication sets us apart as a trusted leader in the industry.

Dedicated On-Site Weld Shop

Within our state-of-the-art facility, we’ve established a dedicated on-site weld shop. It’s here that the magic happens, as Key Plant fabricates all the structures and sub-assemblies integral to the manufacturing of our automation product line.

Manual Welding Expertise

Our team of highly skilled and experienced coded welders handles both manual and automatic welding with finesse. They’re proficient in a range of welding processes, including SAW, MIG, and TIG. From intricate sub-assemblies to towering 15-meter+ column and boom structures, our Key Plant fabrication team can tackle it all with precision and confidence.

Robotic Welding Innovation

In our fabrication bays, you’ll also find cutting-edge Cloos-powered automated robotic welding systems. These innovative systems aren’t just accurate; they’re also agile and flexible. By integrating them into our workflow, we supercharge our welding and fabrication capabilities, setting a new standard in the industry.

Maximising our Capabilities

These robotic welding systems aren’t just tools; they’re a testament to our commitment to excellence. They allow us to maximise our output, delivering top-quality fabrication with speed and precision. It’s this dedication to innovation and quality that solidifies Key Plant’s position as a global leading manufacturer.

When you choose Key Plant, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to precision, innovation, and delivering excellence in every weld.

NDT and MPI Analysis

At Key Plant, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to weld integrity. We employ Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) as crucial tools in our commitment to quality and safety.

NDT Weld Testing for Perfection

We understand the critical role weld integrity plays in the performance and safety of our equipment. That’s why we utilise Nondestructive Testing (NDT) techniques to verify the quality of our welds. Through constant monitoring and rigorous testing, we ensure that every weld meets our stringent standards for excellence.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI): Preventing Flaws

Our dedication to weld integrity extends to preventing unwanted and unknown near-surface material flaws. To achieve this, we implement Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) throughout our manufacturing process. By systematically checking machine lifting points and critical welds, we proactively identify and rectify any potential issues, safeguarding the quality and safety of our products.

Weld It Once, Weld It Right

At Key Plant, “weld it once, weld it right” isn’t just a slogan; it’s our unwavering commitment. We believe that the foundation of every piece of equipment we produce starts with the quality of its welds. That’s why our team of experts meticulously monitors and tests all essential and critical points during the fabrication process, leaving no room for compromise.

The weld integrity of Key Plant equipment isn’t just a goal; it’s an absolute requirement. It’s a crucial part of our manufacturing process that ensures our products are not only reliable but also safe. When you choose Key Plant, you’re choosing equipment that has undergone rigorous scrutiny and testing, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and performance.

Stress Relieving and Heat Treatment

At Key Plant, we understand that precision and longevity are paramount. To ensure our equipment’s reliability and durability, we employ stress relieving and heat treatment techniques. These practices are essential in preventing distortion and stress corrosion cracking, safeguarding the quality of our products.

Stress Relief for Structural Stability

Once our components are fabricated and welded, but before they undergo the machining process, we subject them to stress relief. This critical step is particularly crucial for certain key components like rotator and roller bed frames, manipulators, and seam welder beds.

Why Stress Relief Matters

Stress relieving involves the controlled application of heat to welded structures. This process serves two vital purposes:

Distortion Prevention: By carefully applying heat, we counteract any internal stresses that may have built up during welding. This helps prevent distortion, ensuring that our components maintain their intended shape and alignment.

Stress Corrosion Cracking Mitigation: Stress corrosion cracking is a significant concern, especially in industrial settings. Our stress relieving procedures help minimise the risk of this corrosion-related damage, enhancing the longevity of our equipment.

Dimensional Stability through Machining

By addressing stress and distortion concerns before machining, we preserve dimensional stability. This means that when we continue with the Key Plant manufacturing process, you can count on our products to meet exacting specifications.

At Key Plant, we leave nothing to chance. Stress relieving and heat treatment are integral steps in our quest for excellence. They ensure that our equipment not only meets but exceeds industry standards for quality and longevity. When you choose Key Plant, you’re choosing reliability, precision, and performance that stand the test of time.

Material Hardness Testing

At Key Plant, we’re committed to ensuring that every machine we produce has a long and productive working life. Material Hardness Testing (MHT) is a crucial step in this journey, providing the assurance that our equipment remains robust and reliable throughout its service life.

Guaranteeing Surface Hardness

In our range of rotators and turning rolls, particularly when steel wheels are chosen, we employ Material Hardness Testing to rigorously verify and confirm the surface hardness of the rotation wheels. This meticulous practice is essential to:

Prevent Work Piece Damage: Ensuring that our Key Plant Steel Wheels are of the right hardness prevents any potential damage to the workpiece. The wheels glide smoothly, eliminating the risk of surface imperfections or structural harm during rotation.

Avoid Wheel Cracking: Material hardness testing is a critical safeguard against wheel cracking. It ensures that our wheels remain intact and free from structural defects, guaranteeing their durability and longevity.

The Long Working Life Assurance

Key Plant manufactures turning rolls capable of handling workpieces ranging from 100kg to over 2000 tonnes in weight. Regardless of the Safe Working Load (S.W.L), we consider Material Hardness Testing an absolute imperative. It ensures that all our steel wheels are not only durable and crack-proof but also contribute to keeping the vessel or workpiece damage-free throughout its operational life.

At Key Plant, we believe that excellence is in the details. Material Hardness Testing is one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-quality equipment. When you choose Key Plant, you’re not just investing in machinery; you’re investing in a promise—a promise of reliability, durability, and a long, productive working life for your equipment.

Painting and Powder Coating

At Key Plant, we believe that even the finishing touches should reflect excellence. That’s why we take painting and powder coating seriously, offering customisation options that allow you to match your company brand effortlessly.

In-House Metal Coating Expertise

We’re not just about manufacturing exceptional machinery; we also take pride in applying the finishing touches in-house, all under one roof. Our expertise in metal coating systems ensures that every piece of equipment leaving our facility is not only robust but also visually appealing.

Surface Protection to Perfection

Before applying coatings, we prepare the steel surfaces meticulously, utilising abrasive blasting to achieve SA2.5 standards. This ensures that the surface is perfectly primed for the application of protective coatings.

Options Galore: Dry, Wet, Paint and Powder

Key Plant provides you with choices. We offer dry and wet coatings, encompassing both traditional wet paint and modern powder coating techniques. These options give you the flexibility to select the coating method that best suits your specific needs.

Uncomprising Quality

Quality is our hallmark. All Key Plant coating systems consist of primer/base coats followed by a final coating, providing a robust and enduring finish. Each layer is applied to a minimum thickness of 25 microns, guaranteeing longevity and protection.

Your Vision, Our Palette

While our standard Key Plant brand color is RED, we recognise that your equipment should align with your corporate identity. That’s why we offer the flexibility to produce coatings in customer-specified colors or to meet specific branding requirements. Your equipment, your colors, your vision—our commitment to making it a reality.

When you choose Key Plant, you’re choosing not only exceptional machinery but also a partner dedicated to every detail, right down to the finishing coat.

Electrical and Software

At Key Plant, we recognise that cutting-edge technology and precise control are essential for delivering top-quality machinery. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of dedicated electrical and software engineering experts who ensure our equipment operates flawlessly and efficiently.

In-House Electrical Systems

Our commitment to control and automation begins in-house. Key Plant designs and manufactures control systems, covering every aspect of electrical engineering. From meticulously wiring panels to assembling pendants, we’re involved in every step of the process. This hands-on approach guarantees that all Key Plant products feature control systems produced in-house, with the utmost precision and quality.

Software Engineering Expertise

Our team of software engineers is at the forefront of innovation. With extensive experience in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) technologies, they meticulously design and capture every detail of control cabinet configurations. We pride ourselves on creating innovative touch screen systems, including the KP-SAW2020, as well as wireless pendants with offline programming capabilities. Our expertise extends to CAN bus and Ethernet networking solutions, all designed and supported by Key Plant Automation.

Advanced Automated Control Systems

From one-of-a-kind machine configurations to large-scale batch control systems for our standard products, Key Plant sets the industry standard for electrical and software control panels. Our commitment to quality is evident in our UL and CSA 508A accreditation, Factory Automation Equipment 4UH8 accreditation, and European CE accreditation. These certifications ensure that every system we produce meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for safety and performance.

Load Testing

At Key Plant, we uphold a steadfast commitment to delivering equipment that’s not just built to last but also designed to perform, reliably and safely. Load testing plays a pivotal role in our in-house manufacturing process, underpinning our promise of quality and longevity.

The Importance of Load Testing

Before any of our manufactured goods are dispatched, we subject them to rigorous load testing right within our facilities. This process is conducted using solid weights and is designed to demonstrate the equipment’s capacity to carry designated loads safely.

Engineering Precision

Our engineers leave nothing to chance. They calculate the center of gravity, taking into account off-set loads, including eccentricity. By meticulously performing load tests, we provide our customers with the assurance that every Key Plant-manufactured piece of equipment is not only capable of carrying its intended loads but can do so securely and reliably.

Stringent Quality Assurance

Key Plant takes immense pride in its extensive and stringent load testing procedures. These tests are an integral part of our final manufacturing stages, serving as a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-quality, durable, and safe products.

Reliable, Durable and Safe Equipment

When you choose Key Plant, you’re choosing equipment that has undergone uncompromising testing, ensuring it meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and performance. Our load testing procedures aren’t just about meeting expectations; they’re about exceeding them.

We believe that reliability, durability, and safety should never be compromised. That’s why Key Plant is dedicated to going the extra mile, from design to testing, to deliver equipment that stands up to the most demanding conditions.

R&D Centre

Key Plant is more than a manufacturer; we’re an innovation hub with an on-site Research and Development (R&D) center that serves as a beacon for progress. This center isn’t just about exploring new frontiers; it’s a space for training and customer weld trials, embodying our commitment to excellence.

Dedicated Demonstration Area

Our R&D center boasts a dedicated demonstration area, a playground of cutting-edge technology. Here, you’ll find a wide array of equipment, including hot wire cladding systems, submerged arc triple arc SAW welding setups, anti-drift welding rotators, robot welding stations, and various end prep and pipe preparation machinery.

Solutions that Define the Future

In an ever-evolving technological landscape with increasingly demanding industry standards, Key Plant stands as your solution finder. Our R&D facility empowers us to engineer pioneering solutions tailored to your specific weld automation and material handling challenges. Whether it’s large capacity anti-drift rotators or intricate deep groove, narrow gap welding techniques, our industry experts possess a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to rigorous problem-solving. We don’t just meet industry standards; we set new ones by turning the impossible into the possible.

Customer-Centric Weld Trials and Training

One of the highlights of our R&D weld center is its customer-centric approach. It’s a space where our customers can perform test and weld trials on equipment before it’s installed at their facility or location. Operators can actively participate in trials and receive hands-on training from our engineering team, ensuring they’re well-prepared to operate the equipment effectively.

Your Partner in Innovation

At Key Plant, we don’t just manufacture machinery; we’re your partner in innovation. Our R&D center is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, solving complex challenges, and ensuring that every piece of equipment we produce stands at the forefront of technology.