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Hire column and boom manipulators from 2mx2m.

Accelerate deposition rates, productivity and arc-on time.

Unlock Seamless Welding Excellence with Key Plant Automation’s Column and Boom Hire Service! Our versatile hire machines, ranging from 2m x 2m to 15m x 15m, can be delivered fully equipped with welding packages, including SAW, GTAW, and GMAW, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution. Alternatively, opt for our steelwork-only option, allowing you to use your preferred welding equipment.

column and boom welding manipulator for hire

Flexible Hire Solutions

Long-term hiring, short-term hiring, lease hiring, and hire purchase options available.

Comprehensive Stocks

We maintain comprehensive stocks to ensure the availability of the equipment you require when you need it.

Worldwide Delivery

With our global reach, we provide worldwide delivery for our customers.

Column and boom welding manipulator stocks at Key Plant Automation's USA facility

We boast a comprehensive range of hire column and booms, offering the ideal equipment for your specific requirements. Recognising the importance of equipment compatibility, we provide options to accommodate a variety of sizes and weights. Regardless of your project’s scale or complexity, our expertise and hire solutions ensure your welding operations are both seamless and successful.

Meticulously maintained and tested, our hire equipment is built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. With adjustable functions and reliable performance, our column and boom manipulators ensure precise positioning and stability, facilitating efficient and high-quality welding operations.

Upgrade your automated welding processes with reliable welding manipulator hire, designed to optimise fabrication throughput and elevate weld production quality in inner, outer, circumferential, and longitudinal applications.

Column and boom manipulators play a pivotal role in manufacturing pipes, tanks, monopiles, wind towers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and more. With their precision and versatility, these machines ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality welds, guaranteeing success in your welding projects.

At Key Plant Automation, we boast extensive industry experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide the best solutions tailored to your unique project requirements. Used in conjunction with rotating and/or positioning equipment, our wide range of column and boom manipulator hire locates the correct position for stable and secure welding surfaces.