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AOS Series.

The ultimate pipe support and rotator range
for heavy wall fabrication projects up to 60 inches.

When it comes to securely handling large pipe diameters and heavy loads, our Adjust-O-Stand series is the tried-and-true choice. These versatile stands are engineered for robust performance, ensuring your welding projects proceed with safety and ease. With a solid acme rod, polyurethane-covered steel wheels, and full height adjustability, they offer the versatility and durability you need. Lifting handles make them easy to transport, while heavy-gauge steel construction guarantees reliability. Our AOS pipe stands are available in six different configurations to accommodate various load capacities, with options supporting up to 15,000lbs.

An Adjust O Stand supports a pipe held by a welding positioner
A Key Plant Adjust-O-Stand HP (high profile)


1814kg Load Capacity
Up to 48″ Pipe Diameter

A Key Plant Adjust-O-Stand LP (low profile)


3175kg Load Capacity
Up to 48″ Pipe Diameter

A Key Plant Automation Adjust O Stand C10 link


4536kg Load Capacity
Up to 60″ Pipe Diameter

A Key Plant Automation Adjust O Stand C15 link


6804kg Load Capacity
Up to 60″ Pipe Diameter

A Key Plant Adjust-O-Stand ST2 motorised drive and idler set


Drive & Idler Set: 3629kg Load Capacity
Up to 36″ Pipe Diameter

A Key Plant ST2+ Trolley


Drive & Idler Set: 3629kg Load Capacity
Up to 36″ Pipe Diameter

Adjust O Stand AOS Conveyor pipe stand add-on link


Experience seamless on-site operations with the Key Plant AOS Conveyor Add-On! Engineered to perfectly complement our AOS LP and HP pipe stands, this innovative extension effortlessly guides long pipes down the line, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Upgrade your pipe support system today and streamline your operations like never before!

Why choose

Our popular Adjust-O-Stand series provide the ultimate solution for handling large diameter and heavy wall pipes. Designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty fabrication projects, Adjust-O-Stands is a range of pipe supports and rotators specifically engineered to handle heavy pipe work with diameters up to 60”.

When it comes to working with large and heavy wall pipes, precision and stability are paramount. Adjust-O-Stands delivers on these crucial aspects, ensuring your projects are completed with efficiency and safety. With their exceptional load-bearing capacity and robust construction, Adjust-O-Stands provide a reliable platform to support and rotate even the most substantial pipes.

Whether you’re involved in industrial construction, shipbuilding, or any other field that deals with heavy wall pipes, Adjust-O-Stands will become your trusted companion. Their adjustable height and width capabilities allow for versatility, accommodating pipes of varying sizes and dimensions. The secure locking mechanisms provide stability during welding, cutting, or other fabrication processes, eliminating concerns about pipe movement or misalignment.

Adjust-O-Stands features high-quality polyurethane over steel rollers that facilitate smooth and effortless pipe rotation, enabling precise positioning for accurate welding and fitting. The range has been engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy wall fabrication, ensuring longevity and durability even in the most challenging environments.

With Adjust-O-Stands, you can take on projects involving large-diameter pipes with confidence. Whether you’re working on oil and gas pipelines, power plants, or any other heavy wall fabrication project, Adjust-O-Stands will elevate your capabilities and streamline your workflow.