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KP CR300 tonne conventional welding rotator


Key Plant CR300 conventional rotators are a heavy-duty, full-steel fabricated base with wheel brackets that can be manually positioned to suit various vessel diameters. Workpiece rotation is by-way-of a two-motor, twin-wheel-drive system which removes the need for torque bars.


Machine elements

  • 300 Tonne Drive/Idler Rotator Set S.W.L Capacity
  • 800mm to 7500mm Vessel Diameter Range
  • Polyurethane PU Wheels
  • Plug & Socket Pendant
  • Drive Unit Independently Drive Wheel Brackets
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Maximise safety, minimise handling, boost productivity, and enhance consistency and welding quality

300 Ton Conventional welding rotators available to buy and rent.

Key Plant 300 ton conventional welding rotators ready for customer order

CR300 welding rotator specification

ModelKP300 Conventional Rotator Set (Drive & Idler)
Safe Working Load – Drive Unit150 tonne
Safe Working Load – Idler Unit150 tonne
Maximum Load Carrying Capacity – Set300 tonne (1 Driver & 1 Idler)
Wheel Centre Distance42.9, 74.4, 105.9, 137.4in (1090, 1890, 2690, 3490mm)
Vessel Diameter Capacity31.5in to 295.3in (800mm to 7500mm)
Rotation Speed Range3.9 to 39.4 in/min (100 to 1000 mm/min)
Tyre TypePolyurethane, 95A durometer shore rating
Wheel Size34in diameter x 16in wide (864mm x 406mm)
Overall Height to Top of Tyre49.5in (1258mm)
Remote Pendant TypePlug & Socket Five Push Button Control (forward/stop/reverse/speed control/e-stop), 50ft (15m) cable
Rotation Drive Motors2 x 5.5kW
Primary Input Power380 to 480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Input Current at Rated Load29.9mp
Overall Length & Width – Drive220.9in x 44.5in (5610mm x 1130mm)
Overall Length & Width – Idler296.8in x 40.2in (5000mm x 1020mm)
Weight – Drive13,779lb (6,250kg)
Weight – Idler9,921lb (4,500kg)

Welding rotator options & features

Controls and Pendant options

Controls and pendants

Tank Turning Rolls come with either a 5 function wired CE or UL standard pendant. We can also provide bespoke, wireless pendants, digital speed & touch displays, and PLC controls for special purpose project requirements.

300 ton welding rotator bogey options

Enhance your production line

We provide options of stationary, manual or motorised bogie undercarriages for use with floor rails.

300 ton conventional welding rotator wheel bracket options

Variable diameter adjustments

Fixed, bolted or leadscrew adjustable wheel brackets for varying the work piece diameter.

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