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3 tonne hydraulic tilting welding positioner available to buy & rent



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EHVP3 3 tonne hydraulic tilting welding positioner to buy and rent


Key Plant EHVP3 hydraulic tilting welding positioner is a 3 axis automated solution for lifting, tilting and rotating workpieces of various shapes and sizes 360 degrees. With our cost-effective, reliable and innovative hydraulic EHVP positioners, your weld quality and consistency will be significantly improved.


Machine elements

  • 3 tonne hydraulic tilting welding positioner
  • 1020mm diameter table
  • 135° degree tilting
  • Plug & socket pendant
  • UKCA / UL / CSA Options

Improve productiveness and increase quality and consistency of your weld, both by hand and automation

3 tonne hydraulic tilting welding positioners available to buy and rent.

Hydraulic tilting welding positioner assists welder

EHVP3 welding positioner specification

ModelEHVP3 Positioner
Capacity3 tonne (6614lb)
C.O.G. / Eccentricity150mm (6in)
Degree of Tilt135°
Degree of Rotation360°
Tilting Speed Hydraulic60 seconds
Rotation Speed0.033 – 0.66rpm
Height to Table Horizontal – Min to Max1020mm – 1820mm (40.1in – 71.6in)
Height to Vertical CL – Min to Max850mm – 1650mm (33.4in – 65in)
Table Dimensions1020mm (40.1in)
Table Slots4 x 18mm (0.7in)
Control PendantRaise/Lower/Tilt-up/Tilt-down/Forward/Stop/Reverse/Speed Control/Emergency Stop – 10m cable
Incoming Supply380/480V – 16Amp
Weight1200kg (2645lb)
Foot Print (L x W x H)L2100mm x W1300mm x H1050mm (L6.9′ x W4.2′ x H3.4′)

Welding positioner options & features

 Wheel options

Controls and pendants

Our welding positioners come with a 5 function wired UKCA or UL standard pendant. Foot pedals, bespoke controls, touch displays, and PLC systems can be integrated for specials.

Welding gripper chucks, clamps and jig tooling equipment

Welding chucks and clamps

We manufacture an extensive range of clamps and chucks to be used with our welding positioners. Providing options of 2, 3 and 4 jaw chucks with independent or self-centering jaws.

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DS14 digital diameter selector

DS14 diameter selector

Input the welding diameter of your workpiece. The DS14 automatically calculates the required RPM of the positioner table, and sets the speed demand in the inverter drive (VFD).

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