Split frames supplied for transmission pipeline project in Poland

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Machine/Equipment: 4 x Hydraulic Split Frames (KPH series)
Location: Katowice, Poland
Industry/Sector: Oil and Gas Industry
Date: May 2019

A respected customer in Poland required pipe cutting equipment/machinery to assist them in the construction of a transmission pipeline project.
Transmission pipelines are used to transport crude oil and natural gas from their respective gathering systems to refining, processing, or storage facilities. Transmission pipelines also transport refined petroleum products and natural gas to customers, for use or for further distribution.
For such a large and industrial project, they would require equipment that was manufactured for versatility, portability, ease of use and ensured safety for the operator in a hazardous environment.

Step forward our Key Plant Split Frame line.

split frame clamshell for pipe cutting and bevelling
The KPA, KPE (electric), KPP (pneumatic) and KPH (hydraulic) models cover 2” to 120” (50mm- 3000mm) standard range of tube, pipe or vessel outside diameters.

Each split frame can be set up to cut, bevel, cut and bevel simultaneously, counterbore, face and much more. Using the advanced accessories, it is easy to change from cutting to counterboring or flange facing. It only takes a few minutes to interchange from one accessory to another.

The KPA low clearance split frame line covers the standard pipe range and larger requirements can be manufactured on request. Designed for ease of use and fast and easy set up – we offer 4 types to handle every situation; pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and the option of servo-electric.

With the design of the four product lines and advanced accessories, our split frame series offer a modern, robust and technically advanced pipe cutting and bevelling solution for todays pipe segment market.

Over the years, customer‘s demands have changed and by working in collaboration with our long standing customers, Key Plant has developed a range of split frames manufactured with high grade aluminium, that makes them light but strong.

All frames are hardened after machining. Our tool holders have clear readable measurement indicators so that you can easily follow the cutting or bevelling depth. The striker system is designed to be crash free and there are multiple striker and motor positions. Our system can work with multiple motors to create a greater force for cutting high grade and special steels.

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Need a cutting & bevelling solution for your pipeline / pipeshop project?

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