Welding floor turntables

Low profile, large diameter, cladding and high speed turntable options for various industries.
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Welding Turntables

Key Plant design and manufacture a range of horizontal flatbed welding floor turntables from 100kg to 500Ton.

High precision rotation of workpieces around a vertical axis.

Our welding turntable range provide high precision rotational positioning of the workpiece regardless of size. They are proven to help improve weld quality, increase consistency and reduce rework, by hand or automation.

In addition to welding, they can be used for other applications, such as grinding, flame cutting, painting, assembly and xray processes.

We have various standard and cladding models available with minimum backlash, slipring assembles for pre-heating.

If you require a specialised design, Key Plant has the in-house capabilities to produce custom designs for small and large diameter components with clamps and jig tooling.

Cost-effective flat and horizontal positioning solutions with Key Plant floor turntables.

Cladding turntable


Welding floor turntables.

welding floor turntable

TT Series

Welding floor turntables.

high speed welding floor turntable

High Speed

Welding floor turntables.

Interested in a Welding Floor Turntable?

Buy, rent and lease options available.

Key Plant supply floor turntables to customers in a wide and diverse range of industries. Whether you require a standard model or specialised design, we can meet your demands.

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