Headstock and tailstock positioners

For assembly, handling and welding applications of short and long work pieces.
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Key Plant manufacture an extensive range of headstock & tailstocks. There are various models to suit all customer applications with motorised, manual and fixed height options.

Buy, Rent and lease headstock and tailstock positioners.

Ideal for lifting and rotating work pieces of various capacities and sizes, Key Plant headstocks are designed to maximise flexibility, safety and productivity. Headstock and tailstock positioners are primarily used for long rectangular workpieces that require support from both ends. For smaller weldments, such as pipe elbows, a fixed height HSC or HSVP headstock is a popular option within pipeshops. Whether welding manually or by automation, Key Plant headstocks help improve the quality and consistency of the weld, reducing future rework projects.

Their easy to use operation and accessibility with integrated equipment; Headstocks also significantly enhance operator ergonomics.

For over 65 years we have designed and manufactured a range of headstock and tailstock positioners with motorised, manual and fixed height options to suit all customers applications. From the manufacturing of boats, to the fabrication of pipe elbows; we can provide a headstock for every project requirement.

Available for sale, and on rental & lease packages; Our headstock range consists of HSC, HSVP, Port-a-Lift, Elevating and Hollow Bore models. Specialised designs can be built to suit larger or unique components with clamps and jig tooling.

Guarantee safety and precision when lifting and rotating heavy work pieces with Key Plant headstocks and tailstocks.

Headstock 500 positioner


Headstock positioners.

Key Plant HSC fixed height headstocks are supplied with a 3 jaw self centering machine chuck for internal and external clamping. The HSC range is a popular choice for pipe welding and fabrication. We manufacture a range of HSC headstocks that are available for sale, rental and lease.

Standard hsvp headstocks


Headstock and tailstock positioners.

Like our HSC range, the fixed height HSVP headstock model is ideal for use in pipe shops, and can be used in conjunction with our Adjust-O-Stand pipe supports. We manufacture various SWL capacities available for sale, rental and lease.

Port A Lift headstock


Headstock and tailstock positioners.

Powered elevating head and tailstock provides maximum efficiency/throughput and minimizes safety concerns when lifting and rotating heavy work pieces.

The head and tailstock are elevated by means of a hardened stainless-steel screw with low friction re-circulating ball screw and nut, electrically synchronized between the head and tailstock.

Headstock ST positioner

Elevating ST

Headstock and tailstock positioners.

Smooth, safe and controlled rotation with the Key Plant EST, a variable height synchronised headstock and tailstock system. The system also offers stationary and floor rail options. Contact us today for more information.

Elevating headstock and tailstock positioner

Elevating HD

Headstock and tailstock positioners.

Smooth, safe and controlled rotation with the Key Plant EHD, a variable height synchronised headstock and tailstock system. Ideal for positioning those larger and heavy duty workpieces for welding by hand or automation. The system offers stationary and floor rail options. Contact us today for more information.

Hollow Bore 300-12 headstock

Hollow bore

Headstock and tailstock positioners.

Achieve highly controlled and consistent welds with Key Plant Hollow Bore headstocks. Machines are fitted with a heavy duty 3 jaw self-centering clamp with a hollow bore through the centre of the machine to allow the work piece to pass through and chuck clamp for adjustment.

Our hollow bore headstocks can be used in conjunction with our adjustable height support idler(s) on rails.

Special Purpose Headstocks

Need something different?

With in-depth engineering knowledge and leading-edge technology, Key Plant design, manufacture and install special purpose headstocks and tailstocks for industry leading companies worldwide. From defence contractors and shipbuilding manufacturers, to trailers and pipework fabricators – Key Plant can provide the complete headstock solution for a wide and diverse range of industries.

headstock and tailstock for tipper truck trailer manufacturing
gripper welding chucks

Welding chucks and clamps

We manufacture an extensive range of clamps and chucks to be used with our headstocks and tailstocks. Providing options of 2, 3 and 4 jaw chucks with independent or self-centering jaws.

headstocks and tailstocks positioners

Adjustable height and fixed

Whatever your project requirement, we can supply the ideal headstock and tailstock package to suit your needs. As the manufacturer; we offer motorised, manual and fixed-height options.

Integrate other Key Plant equipment

Integrate and optimise

Create an automated solution and optimise your productivity by integrating your headstocks with other Key Plant equipment, like column and boom manipulators and pipe supports.

headstock and tailstock controls

Pendants and control systems

Our headstocks come with a wired CE or UL standard pendant. Foot pedals, bespoke controls, touch displays, and PLC systems can be integrated on request.

Man-o-matic controller


The innovative Man-O-Matic controller enables a sequence of pre-determined positions to be set. Contact us for more information.

Welding positioner digital diameter selector

Digital diameter selector

Displays linear speed of the outside wall of the component diameter in inches or millimetres for even greater control.

Alternative positioning equipment.

Check out our headstocks and tailstocks, welding floor turntables and rotator range.