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Key Plant design and manufacture an extensive range of column and boom welding manipulators from 6′x6′ to 50′x50′ (15mx15m).

Enhance your automated welding processes for inner, outer, circumferential and longitudinal welding applications with Key Plant column and boom welding manipulators. Built to last, made to perform. Our manipulators are developed to upgrade your fabrication throughput, and augment the quality of your weld production. We supply machines for a range of manufacturing environments; from pipe fabrication shops to tanker assembly lines, Key Plant provide the best manipulator solution to suit your project requirements.

Key Plant have built a portfolio of global leading column and boom welding manipulators, available to buy, rent or lease. Our range consists of Mobile Pipe manipulators, Standard, Extra-Heavy and Telescopic models. But if your project demands are non-typical, our in-house capabilities and next-level engineering expertise enable us to develop special purpose welding manipulators for those more ‘complexed’ project needs.

Machines can be supplied full loaded with welding equipment as a “turnkey” package or as the “steel work only”

options and features

various weld processes for column and boom welding manipulators


Machines can be supplied with SAW, GTAW and GMAW weld processes and integrated to various systems, such as narrow gap welding.

Column and boom welding manipulator welding head

Custom Welding Heads

We develop special purpose & bespoke welding heads to suit every customers requirement. Flux recovery systems, laser tracking, motorised slides and height sensors are just some of the features that can be incorporated to your system.

operator chair for closer look


If your application requires the operator to have direct access to the welding process. Operator chairs can be designed to fit on the column and boom, removing the need for external platforms, ladders, or lifting apparatus.

Bogie undercarriage for traversing


We provide options of stationary and travelling bases, the travelling base can be manual or motorised for use with floor rails. Caster wheels are also available for our light duty models; PWS and PPC.

pendants and control systems

Pendants + Control Systems

Our manipulators come with either a 7 function wired CE or UL standard pendant. We can also provide bespoke, wireless pendants, touch displays, and PLC control systems for special purpose project requirements.

Key Plant designed, manufactured and installed Europes largest column and boom welding manipulator


In 2004, Key Plant designed, manufactured and installed Europe’s largest column and boom manipulator measuring 14.5m x 10m.

Boost your production even further, integrate your system with other Key Plant Equipment.