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Speed up the fabrication of storage tanks with Key Plant AGW tank welders.
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AGW Welders

Key Plant manufacture various models of automatic girth AGW tank welders. Choose from single sided, double sided and mini tank welders.

Automatic girth welders. AGW tank welders. 3 o’clock welders.

With ergonomics a key feature, Key Plant automatic girth welders (3 o’clock welder) are designed for efficiency, assessibility and convenience. Proven to cut the welding time of storage tank fabrication by up to 40%, AGW tank welder systems are ideal for storage tanks of all sizes. From oil fields to nuclear power plants, we provide machines for companies constructing oil storage tanks, reactors, chemical mixers, water treatment facilities and more.

Specialised automatic girth welders can be produced to suit thin wall storage tanks to help reduce the loading on the material wall thickness. Everything you need, direct from the manufacturer – Key Plant.

AGW tank welder machines are provided fully loaded with welding equipment, flux transfer belts and flux delivery and recovery systems.

Key Plant can provide the option of enclosed cabins to protect the machine operator whilst they are working.

double sided automatic girth welder for storage tank fabrication

Double Sided automatic girth welder

Single sided automatic girth welder for storage tank fabrication

Single Sided Automatic girth welder

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We have successfully developed and supplied single sided, double sided and mini tank welders for customers all over the world.

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