Single Chain Pipe Clamp

Make pipe fit-up simple and accurate with Key Plant chain clamps.



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The Key Plant Single Chain Tool is built for the fitter who takes pride in doing his job right the first time.

Constructed to last for years of trouble-free aligning pipes. The Single Chain Clamp Tool makes pipe fit-up simple and accurate and can be setup by 1 person only. The chain clamp is similar to a pipe vise with fast, easy setup and solid chain engagement. The chain clamp is an easy tool for clamping pipe to pipe, pipe to bend, pipe to tee or pipe to the flange. The low weight makes it very easy to operate in the workshop and on site.

The clamps can be used for several pipe dimensions simply by removing the clamp-bars. There are 2 types available of the single chain clamp, red for steel and green for stainless steel (SS), then the chain and clamp bars are made from stainless steel.


  • Length of chain required for the pipe range
  • Double clamp screw & clamp bars listed for the pipe range
  • Main block
  • Fine adjustment
  • Level and support device
  • Clamp screw wrench
  • Parts and operating manual
  • Metal storage box
  • They come fully assembled & ready to use!
ModelPipe SizeClamp BarsClamp WeightReforms Pipe to ScheduleAlign Pipe to Schedule
Single Chain Clamp 80125 – 320mm (1 – 12.5″)312kg (27lb)4080
Single Chain Clamp 802102 – 500mm (4 – 20″)733kg (72lb)4080
Single Chain Clamp 803254 – 914mm (10 – 36″)867kg (144lb)4080
Single Chain Clamp 804254 – 1372mm (10 – 54″)1382kg (180lb)4080
Single Chain Clamp 805254 – 1827mm (10 – 72″)1690kg (199lb)4080