Double Chain Pipe Clamp

Make pipe fit-up simple and accurate with Key Plant chain clamps.



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The Double Chain Tool is built for the fitter who takes pride in doing his job right the first time. Constructed to last for years of trouble-free aligning from pipes. Key Plant double chain clamp tools makes pipe fit-up simple and accurate. The Double Chain Clamps are a heavy-duty pipe and vessel clamp designed for alignment and reforming of pipes and vessels up to 240” (6m) in diameter with schedule 80 wall thickness. The Double Chain Clamps also align over Schedule 80 pipe when reforming is not required.

The heavy-duty clamp bars and Main Block provide the brute strength necessary to accomplish even the toughest reforming jobs. Double Chain Clamp is available in steel and stainless steel versions. As an option, a torque wrench is available to apply the correct tension on the clamping feed.


  • Length of chain required for the pipe range
  • Extra heavy-duty clamp bars listed for the pipe range
  • Number of main blocks listed for the pipe range
  • Two fine adjustments
  • Level and support device
  • Larger clamps supplied with come-a-long
  • Clamp screw wrench
  • Operating instructions
ModelPipe SizeClamp BarsClamp WeightClamping Blocks
Double Chain Clamp 901254 – 915mm (10 – 36″)9100kg (220lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 902254 – 1220mm (10 – 48″)12126kg (278lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 903254 – 1375mm (10 – 54″)14136kg (300lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 904254 – 1525mm (10 – 60″)16149kg (328lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 905254 – 1830mm (10 – 72″)20176kg (387lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 906254 – 2135mm (10 – 84″)24200kg (442lb)1
Double Chain Clamp 907254 – 2440mm (10 – 96″)28226kg (498lb)2
Double Chain Clamp 908254 – 2745mm (10 – 108″)32251kg (554lb)2
Double Chain Clamp 912254 – 4270mm (10 – 168″)48367kg (810lb)3
Double Chain Clamp 914254 – 5490mm (10 – 216″)60455kg (1010lb)3
Double Chain Clamp 915254 – 6100mm (10 – 240″)66500kg (1110lb)3