3 Point Pipe Clamp

Ideal for all pipe field and shop fit-up use.
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Key Plant 3 Point Clamps precision clamping assure accurate fit-up, fast setup and alignment of flanges – elbows – reducers and T pieces. The main body of the KP-3-POINT-Clamp Alignment Tool is double-walled steel plate and guaranteed over the life of the product. It’s simple, lightweight design has quick action and is ideal for all field and shop fit-up use. You can use the KP-3-POINT-Clamp on stainless steel (SS) without additional options as the feet and screws are standard made out of stainless steel.

ModelPipe SizeClamp Weight
Red 60125 – 76mm ( 1 – 3″)1.5kg (3.5lb)
Red 60250 – 170mm ( 2 – 6.6″)3.5kg (8lb)
Red 603152 – 305mm ( 6 – 12″)7.5kg (15lb)