Polyurethane (PU) Production Facility

Moulding experience, knowledge of polyurethane chemistry and in-house engineering skills combine to enhance Key Plant’s internal production portfolio.

In 2016 Key Plant acquired in partnership two Polyurethane UK manufacturing companies (established in 1982 and 1991 respectively).

Our facility produces hot cast polyurethane parts at scale which are used in a wide and diverse range of areas including; forklift trucks, automotive industry, oil & gas, agricultural, mining & quarrying, theme parks, plant, factory and shot-blasting.

We specialise in areas where high load bearing & wear resistance are critical to your operations. Strength, longevity and chemical resistance are all features of our products.

Tyre development is important for Key Plant particularly with the need for a PU tyre solution for the ever expanding heavy off-shore foundations for Wind Turbines, Oil & Gas Platforms and Nuclear requirements.

Since 2008 Key Plant has led the market in heavy roller bed / turning rolls polyurethane tyre development with the first 500,000kg PU wheels and roller beds design. Since then Key Plant has expanded its presence and now has machines successfully in the field at over 1,000 Ton.
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