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A Key Plant Automation Tri Kev Jack pipe stand

Tri Kev Jack Pipe Stand

Part No. KPJH-100C. Engineered for precision in tight pipe installation projects, the Tri Kev Jack is the solution to your spatial challenges. Designed with the utmost care, this tall jack excels in confined areas, making it ideal for mechanical rooms or tunnels where precision is paramount. Portable and safe, this folding stand transforms the way you approach challenging installations. With a robust capacity of 450kg (1000lbs) at 1829mm (72”), it stands tall in the face of demanding tasks. Lower it to 980mm (39”) for standard fabrication and pipe welding, offering versatility in every scenario. Explore our extensive range of head styles and slide-on options, tailoring your Tri Kev Jack to meet the unique demands of any application. Compact yet mighty, the Tri Kev Jack folds for convenient storage, allowing it to seamlessly fit into job boxes or truck beds.

Machine Features
  • Load Capacity: 1588kg
  • Load Capacity at Highest Point: 450kg
  • Recommended Pipe Diameter: up to 12″
  • Height Range: 980 – 1829mm
  • Shipping Weight: 15.5kg
  • 38mm (1.5″) fine adjustment thread
  • Convenient adjustment handle
  • Quick-action lock washer and fall guard
  • UKCA/CE Rated

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Comprehensive Stocks

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Special Builds

If you have unique requirements, we offer special design options tailored to your specific requests.

Head Styles and Slide-On Options

Standard V-Head for tri jack pipe stand range

Standard V-Head

Part No. KPKJH-101
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: Up to 12″

A Large V-Head

Large V-Head

Part No. KPKJH-102
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: Up to 24″

Steel wheel set

Steel Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-103
Load Capacity: 680kg (1500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Nylon wheel set

Nylon Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-104
Load Capacity: 454kg (1000lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless Steel wheel set

Stainless Steel Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-105
Load Capacity: 680kg (1500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless steel ball transfer kit

Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Set

Part No. KPKJH-110
Load Capacity: 454kg (1000lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless Steel slide on set

Stainless Steel V-Head Kit

Part No. KPKJH-111
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″