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A Key Plant Automation Tri Folding Jack pipe stand

Tri Folding Jack Pipe Stand

Part No. KPJH-100B. Designed for the bold, the Tri Folding Jack is not your average pipe stand—it’s a statement of strength and versatility. Independently load-tested for uncompromised quality assurance, this folding leg pipe stand embodies the pinnacle of reliability in the face of heavy-duty demands. With a robust design, the Tri Folding Jack proudly carries a maximum pipe capacity of 3500lb (1588kg) and features an adjustable height range from 710-1250mm (28-49″), ensuring adaptability to various applications.

What sets the Tri Folding Jack apart is its ability to fold for easy storage, providing convenience without sacrificing strength. The addition of a carrying handle makes it effortlessly portable. Explore our extensive range of head styles and slide-on options, tailoring your Tri Folding Jack to suit any application.

Machine Features
  • Load Capacity: 1588kg
  • Pipe Diameter: up to 24″
  • Height Range: 710 – 1250mm
  • Shipping Weight: 7.6kg
  • 38mm (1.5″) fine adjustment thread
  • Convenient adjustment handle
  • Quick-action lock washer and fall guard
  • UKCA/CE Rated

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Comprehensive Stocks

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Special Builds

If you have unique requirements, we offer special design options tailored to your specific requests.

Head Styles and Slide-On Options

Standard V-Head for tri jack pipe stand range

Standard V-Head

Part No. KPKJH-101
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: Up to 12″

A Large V-Head

Large V-Head

Part No. KPKJH-102
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: Up to 24″

Steel wheel set

Steel Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-103
Load Capacity: 680kg (1500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Nylon wheel set

Nylon Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-104
Load Capacity: 454kg (1000lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless Steel wheel set

Stainless Steel Wheel Set

Part No. KPKJH-105
Load Capacity: 680kg (1500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless steel ball transfer kit

Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Set

Part No. KPKJH-110
Load Capacity: 454kg (1000lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″

Stainless Steel slide on set

Stainless Steel V-Head Kit

Part No. KPKJH-111
Load Capacity: 1588kg (3500lb)
Pipe Size: 1 – 12″