Pipe Conveyor 1400

The Pipe Conveyor 1400 is the ideal solution for easily feeding pipes down a line



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Pipe conveyor 1400 series

Pipe conveyor 1400

Range KP-1400

Built for heavy duty use, Key Plant Pipe Conveyors are the ‘go-to’ equipment when your project involves the installation of pipes for pipelines, power stations, reactors, and other industrial plants.



  • Load Capacity: Up to 3402kg (7500lbs)
  • Pipe diameter: 2 – 24″ (51 – 610mm)
  • Operational Height: 16 – 19″ (406 – 483mm)
  • For feeding long pipes down a line, whilst working on site
  • For transferring pipes around a fabrication shop
  • For use in confined spaces
  • Reduces the need of excessive lifting by crane
  • Frame can be unbolted for easy transport
  • Stackable design

Our built to last, made to perform pipe conveyors handle the most rigorous workloads.

Pressure vessels and pipeline manufacturer

Pipe Conveyor specification

Part No.KP-1402 (2 Rollers)KP-1404 (4 Rollers)KP-1406 (6 Rollers)
Load Capacity1134kg (2500lbs)2268kg (5000lbs)3402kg (7500lbs)
Pipe Diameter Range51 – 610mm (2 – 24″)51 – 610mm (2 – 24″)51 – 610mm (2 – 24″)
Length584mm (23″)584mm (23″)584mm (23″)
Width660mm (26″)660mm (26″)660mm (26″)
Height406mm – 483mm (16-19″)406mm – 483mm (16-19″)406mm – 483mm (16-19″)
Weight41kg (89lbs)53kg (116lbs)57kg (126lbs)

Beam clamp tools

Pipe Conveyors can also be supplied for fastening to I-Beams. By removing the stand, the conveyor head base can be securely fixed to the I-Beam using beam clamping plates. The safety harness further secures the conveyor to the I-Beam, and reduces the risk of injury.

pipe conveyor beam clamping option

Pipe conveyor

Remove the stand for beam clamping option.

Beam clamping plates

Beam clamping plates

Part No. KPBC-1

Pipe conveyor safety harness

Safety harness

Part No. KPBC-1

pipe conveyor beam clamping plate
pipe conveyor beam clamping plate
pipe conveyor safety harness

Alternative Pipe Conveyor options

Check out our 1500 and 1600 pipe conveyors.

Pipe conveyor 1500 pipe stand

Pipe Conveyor 1500

Handles pipes up to 48″ (1219mm) diameter and 20,000lb (9072kg) load capacity.


Key Plant pipe conveyors 1600 range

Pipe Conveyor 1600

Handles pipes up to 60″ (1524mm) diameter and 20,000lb (9072kg) load capacity.


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