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A Key Plant Double Roll SAR Pipe Stand with 3 bar handle

Double Roll SAR Pipe Stand

Part No. KPDR-400C. Revolutionise your pipe handling with the Key Plant Double Roll SAR Pipe Stand, an innovative self-aligning solution designed to save time and enhance workforce safety. With a maximum pipe capacity of 36”, this stand eliminates the need for width adjustment, streamlining your operations.

Effortlessly raise and lower pipes under load with the acme rod adjustment, ensuring precision and efficiency. Enhance stability by restricting pipe rotation through the double-sided wheel brake system, locking the four wheels securely in place. Tailor your experience with a choice of three wheel options to meet your specific application requirements.

Machine Features
  • Load Capacity: 1361kg
  • Pipe Diameter: 2 – 36″
  • Shipping Weight: 20kg
  • Two and three arm handle options
  • Convenient self alignment design
  • Durable acme rod with fine adjustment thread
  • Simple and effective design avoids welding interference
  • UKCA/CE Rated

Spec Sheet Available on Request.

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Head Styles Options

A Double roll steel wheels for the SAR

Steel Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-1
Load Capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
Pipe Size: 2 – 36″

A Double roll with stainelss steel wheel set

Stainless Steel Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-2
Load Capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
Pipe Size: 2 – 36″

A Double roll with nylon wheel set

Nylon Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-3
Load Capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
Pipe Size: 2 – 36″