Double Roll SAR pipe stand

The Double Roll SAR is an innovative self aligning pipe stand that saves time and increases safety



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Double Roll SAR

Part No. KPDR-400C

NO WIDTH ADJUSTMENT NECESSARY. Save time and increase workforce safety when handling pipes up to 36” with the new self-aligning Key Plant Double Roll SAR Pipe Stand. It’s acme rod adjustment allows the raising and lowering of pipe under load.

Restrict pipe rotation by applying the double sided wheel brake system, which locks the four wheels into position. We offer a trio of wheel options to suit your application requirements.



  • Load Capacity: 1361kg (3000lbs)
  • Pipe Diameter: 2 – 36″ (51 – 914mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 20kg (44lbs)
  • Two and three arm handle model options
  • Convenient self alignment design
  • Durable acme rod with fine adjustment thread
  • Simple and effective design avoids welding interference

Additional Features

  • No width adjustment necessary
  • Brake to lock loads for layout

Wheel options

Choose the wheel option to suit your application.

steel wheel option

Steel Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-1

  • Load capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
  • Pipe size: 2-36″ (51-914mm)
Stainless steel wheel option

Stainless Steel Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-2

  • Load capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
  • Pipe size: 2-36″ (51-914mm)
Nylon wheel option

Nylon Wheels

Part No. KPDR-400C-3

  • Load capacity: 1361kg (3000lb)
  • Pipe size: 2-36″ (51-914mm)

Alternative Double Roll options

Doesn’t quite fit the job? Check out our other Double Roll models.

Key Plant Double Roll pipe stand

Double Roll

Handles pipes up to 48″ (1219mm) diameter and 5000lb (2268kg) load capacity.


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