Double seal purging system

The ideal solution when the application demands high-level quality end results



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Double Seal Purging

Double Seal Purging Systems are the ideal solution when the application demands high-level quality end results. Widely used in the Nuclear industry, they are a great system when welding titanium and other exotic materials.

Proven to increase production time, and reduce gas & labour costs with typical purge times less than two minutes.



  • Size Range: ¾ – 12″ (16 – 320mm)
  • High quality silicone discs
  • Guaranteed air tight sealing
  • UV and temperature resistant up to 320°C
  • Ideal for purging pipes, elbows, bends and fittings
  • Double seal systems are available individually, or in kits

How it works

The inlet and outlets have twin sealing discs joined by a flexible or rigid connector. Purging gas is diffused into the weld chamber, air exits through the secondary twin disc unit. The even flow of gas reduces turbulence and the risk of oxygen in the welding chamber.

How a Double seal pipe purging system works

Double Seal Purging System specification

Part No.Pipe I/D RangeConnector OptionsConnector Lengths
KPDS16-1916 – 19mmFlex100mm
KPDS19-2419 – 24mmFlex100mm
KPDS24-2924 – 29mmFlex100mm
KPDS29-3429 – 34mmFlex100mm
KPDS34-3834 – 38mmFlex100mm
KPDS38-4338 – 43mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS43-4843 – 48mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS47-5347 – 53mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS52-5852 – 58mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS64-7264 – 72mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS78-8678 – 86mmFlexible and Rigid120/60mm
KPDS90-10190 – 101mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS100-112100 – 112mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS120-130120 – 130mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS124-138124 – 138mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS144-155144 – 155mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS150-165150 – 165mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS197-206197 – 206mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS209-220209 – 220mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS246-257246 – 257mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS260-280260 – 280mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDS290-320290 – 320mmFlexible and Rigid150/100mm
KPDSk16-16516 – 165mmComplete Kit120/60 150/100mm
KPDSk16-22016 – 220mmComplete Kit120/60 150/100mm
KPDSk16-32016 – 320mmComplete Kit120/60 150/100mm
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