KPE Series
Electric Driven Split Frames

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A Key Plant Automation Split Frame Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine

KPE – Electric Driven Split Frames

Elevate your pipe cutting experience with the Key Plant KPE Series – a remarkable range of electric-driven split frame machines designed to redefine precision and power. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, these machines strike the perfect balance between lightweight maneuverability and robust strength, undergoing a meticulous hardening process for enhanced durability.

What sets the KPE Series apart is its innovative tool holders featuring clear measurement indicators, ensuring a seamless control of cutting or beveling depth. The crash-free striker system adds another layer of operational finesse, offering multiple positions for both strikers and motors.

The KPE Series is not just about raw power; it’s about thoughtful design. With 14 models covering tube diameters from 2” to 48” (50mm-1219mm), these machines boast integral gearboxes, contributing to heightened speed for efficient operations.

Key Plant’s commitment to user-centric design is evident in every aspect, incorporating valuable feedback from machine operators in the field. When you choose the KPE Series, you’re choosing excellence, efficiency, and a cutting-edge approach to pipe cutting.

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ModelMotor PowerVoltageFrequencyWorking CurrentMax Wall ThicknessWorking Range in mm (OD)Working Range in inch (OD)Weight (kg)
KPE2-610001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)50-1682-640
KPE3-810001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)80-2303-845
KPE6-1210001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)168-3256-1255
KPE10-1610001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)274-42610-1660
KPE14-2010001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)355-50814-2075
KPE16-2210001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)400-56016-2280
KPE18-2410001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)457-61018-2485
KPE20-2610001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)508-66020-2695
KPE22-2810001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)550-71522-28110
KPE24-3010001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)600-76224-30115
KPE26-3210001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)660-81326-32120
KPE30-3610001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)762-91430-36140
KPE36-4210001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)914-106636-42195
KPE42-4810001-2000w220-240V – 115V50/60Hz6A≤30mm (Standard tool slide)1066-123042-48230